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Friday, February 28, 2020


As George Harrison once sang, all things must pass.  And so it is that Mike and Mindy go back into cartoon retirement, but not before having one more adventure!  What?  You didn't think they'd simply fade away without a peep, did you?  Well, they would make a sound anyway, but you get the point!  So here they are, for one last time, Mike & Mindy!  Enjoy...

Art is very much a subjective thing.  Some pieces, like the Mona Lisa or the Birth of Man, are genuine masterpieces.  Others, like the can of soup, make us scratch our heads while others find it brilliant.  And then there are some who willingly pay six figures for a banana taped to a wall...  You can ponder that one on your own later.  Frankly, I can think of MANY better uses for that kind of money!  Still, what works for bananas seems to work for Mike and Mindy as well.  They're rich now, but it looks like part of that payment is performance art!  How long will they be taped there?  Come back around February 2025 and maybe we'll have a definitive answer!

And that does it!  Thank you all so much for sharing this month with me.  M&M were my first comic stars and it really was fun to go back and explore their wacky world!  I miss drawing them, but I have to admit, coming up with ideas for these two new comics was a bit of a task, so I know now as I suspected then that the time was right to move on to new things.  I do hope you all enjoyed their return, brief as it was.  What does the future hold?  Not much really.  I do hope to do a large, hardcover collected volume at some point and maybe even explore potential animated projects, but for now, I think retirement is probably what's best for them.  Though I'm not opposed to them popping up in a splash page or two every once in a while.  Keep your eyes and ears open because you never know when Mike and Mindy might pop up.  Especially if helium's involved!

And that's a wrap on February!  We'll kick off March next week with some art that'll hopefully be as colorful and fun as M&M are!  I'll also have some info on my table at next weekend's San Diego Comic Fest!  It's my seventh year in a row there and the only show I'll be tabling at in 2020, so don't miss next week's post if you can help it!  Until next time, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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