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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Well folks, Turkey Day has come and gone, but an even bigger holiday is quickly approaching: Christmas!  Of course, if you've been to a Macy's or Target recently, you would've known back in August that it was.  Or if you've listened to the radio anytime since Halloween night, you would've been reminded there too!  Not even gonna get into Hallmark's policy of ignoring Halloween and Thanksgiving entirely for an extended Christmas Season!  Well, now it really is on the horizon, but Tom Turkey and Gilbert Gobbler are still celebrating their victory over the Farmer Brats.  Can anything thing bring them down?  Let's find out!  Enjoy...

Leave it to Sammy Swine to be a total buzzkill!  He's right though.  These fine feathered pals may have escaped Thanksgiving, but until New Year's Day passes, neither one is truly in the clear.  Frankly, neither is Sammy Swine.  Ham is a Christmas staple too!  Guess they'll all be looking for that bike pump soon!

And so ends the tale of Tom Turkey's 2018 escape!  Will he be back next year?  Probably.  Y'all seem to really get a kick out of this goofy bird and his antics, so why not bring him back again?  While Tom's taking his break, some holiday-themed art will be making the December rounds, so be sure to come back and check it out!  And since the holidays are upon us again, I will, as I do every year, ask all you wonderful CRAZIES to help those who are less fortunate this season.  Clothes, food and toy drives are likely open by now and even a dollar in the Salvation Army Bucket goes a long way towards helping those in need.  So please give, especially now more than ever the gift of generosity is important.  Anyway, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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