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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Hello fellow CRAZIES!!!  Yeah, I know, no more con pics.  But Hey!  The art has returned!  That's pretty cool, right?  Oh come on!  After more than two months, y'all had to be sick of the past Comic Con pics, right?  Well, I only have so many, so back to the art we go!

A couple Octobers ago, I took part in my first Inktober event.  For those who aren't on Twitter or Instagram, Inktober takes place every October and has a pretty simple premise: Draw an inked piece of art everyday!  It's not always easy for me, as October tends to be my busiest month work-wise, but I managed to pull a couple of rabbits out of my hat these last two years.  For my 2016 debut, I chose to spotlight some of my pals in the Web Comic realm!  Since I try to do themes from time to time, I figured why not make August Web Comic month?  So here we go!  Enjoy...

First up is the sarcastic serpent who's usually on the receiving end of his blundering bruin pal's shenanigans.  That's right, it's Carl the Snake from PJ Day's hilarious comic, Flatt Bear!  Carl is more often than not the voice of reason among his wacky stable of friends, and usually suffers heavy consequences for it.  But he always bounces back and sticks by his pals no matter what.  He's a true friend through and through.

And that's all she wrote for today.  It's nice to be back to these smaller, simpler posts.  As much as I enjoy the con pics, it's a lot of work sorting, posting and captioning them.  This took maybe 20 minutes, if even that!  Anyway, we take our Web Comic party up north next week for some wacky fun with a wacky Canadian, so be sure to come on back!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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