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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Another Comic Con has come and gone...  And I don't even know whether or not it was cool or not?!?  I type these in advance, though, admittedly, I cut things WAY to close this time around.  Between work, cartooning and a special Comic Con-related project I was working on, free time was a luxury I couldn't afford this year.  I'd go into details, but I, like so many others, am feeling a bit deflated at the moment, which certainly contradicts the above pic now that I think of it.  The Countdown's over, but we still have another con to go before moving on to this year's show, so lets look back at Comic Con 2017 while I still got some energy left.  Enjoy...

Rukia and Ichigo took a break from hunting Hallows to enjoy the sights of Comic Con!

 A Peanuts Pug!  Always lots of cute dogs in costumes out and about during Comic Con!

The Fandom Food Truck came to the Petco Park Interactive Zone with the promise of fan-inspired dishes and free Pepsi for all!  Well, we got free sodas at least.  Apparently Pepsi, who was sponsoring the truck, never bothered getting a license for selling food and was shut down by the health inspector!  In the end, only ice cream floats, Wookie Cookies (knockoff gingerbread men) and nasty cinnamon-flavored Pepsis were allowed to be given out.  Their intentions were good, just very poorly executed!

The Blade Runner 2049 offsite was a massive free event that, sadly, had some insanely long lines!  You had two options to experience: VR, which was a five-hour wait, and non-VR, which was a three-hour wait.  Needless to say, I decided to do other things!

Dot Matrix!  Everybody's droid of honor!

For the first time ever, The Birds cosplay!

Wonder Woman does not suffer the Festival of Fools!

WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!!!  The Adult Swim Carnival!  With any luck, I was FINALLY able to get in this year!

Wander Over Yonder cosplay!  Given the weather, it's a risk to paint your face up during Comic Con.  These two seemed to find some melt-proof grease paint!

I don't know what this is from, but it looked awesome!

Helga and Joel.  The movie riffer extraordinaire is a huge upgrade over ol' football head!

She had a golden ticket and a badge!

A large Hey Arnold! contingent was on hand to help celebrate some classic Nickelodeon fun with The Splat!

What better way to end today's post than with some family bonding, courtesy of Futurama?  As I always say, the family that cosplays together stays together!

And that was Comic Con 2017!  It was one of best shows I'd had in a while, so it felt great to get a bit of my con swagger back!  The offsites were really the story of the con as they drew bigger crowds than Comic Con itself!  As the show gets bigger, more and more events will be added.  Hopefully things will balance themselves out eventually.  Hall H could certainly use some more balancing out, but that's a story for another day.

And that's a wrap on July!  Come back next week as we kick off August by ending the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown 2018 and FINALLY taking a look at this year's show!  Should be loads fun, so be sure to come back!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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