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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


And the first month of 2016 is just about in the books!  Hopefully it's gotten off to a good start.  Mind you, this is being written almost a month prior by Past Jon, who has no clue at all what the present holds for Future Jon!  And then Present Jon comes into play and everything really gets out of whack!  So instead of possibly causing a rift in the space-time continuum (AGAIN!!!), I'll just cut to the chase with this cartoon about farting!  Enjoy…

Fart-powered transportation… Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!  There's a crap-ton of methane in the world and if it's getting burned off, that'll make it harmless to the atmosphere!  In theory anyway.  I don't recall what the exact theme was, but I know it was a Daily Doodle theme, and that the pencil art for this piece was one of the most Fav'd/RT'd tweets I ever posted!  What can I say?  Everyone loves a fart joke, especially when fire's involved!  I'm just wondering what the hell this kid was eating?  He got more gas than a politician!

And so we close out January of 2016!  Hope y'all enjoyed the CRAZY offerings this month and I look forward to bringing you even more hilarity in February!  Sadly, there will be no CRAZYVERSARY this year.  With Mike And Mindy being over for a year now, I just don't see any need to continue it.  Life must go on, and Bubble Fox and Peppertown are the future!  Having said that, I'm always happy to receive M&M fan art should anyone feel inclined!  Anyway, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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