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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Welcome back!  I just completed the most insane week of art ever!  In the past seven days I drew seven sketch cards, three guest comics, two guest splash pages, two jam pieces and a partridge in a pear tree!  OK, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.  The point is, I'm creating and loving it!  And to celebrate all this guest art I've been doing, I thought I'd share some that I've recently received!  But first, some big news regarding recent Twitter announcements.

This week on Twitter, I announced a joint project between me and my very good friend Kim Belding, the mastermind of Picpak Dog.  Basically, we'd like to compile some of our best comics and have them turned into animated shorts!  An ambitious project no doubt and one that will require some outside help.  So the questions we're posing are: Should we create a Kickstarter campaign to fund this venture, would any of you be willing to support it?  Would any of you even WANT to see Mike and Mindy, Mushrooms and Picpak Dog animated?  

Your opinions and support, even if only morally, really do matter to us! The easiest way to show support is to either Fav, Retweet or Reply to any mention we make of this on Twitter.  Or, if you follow Kim on Facebook, LIKE his posts on the subject.  We have also set up voting poles on both of our sites to gauge interest, so feel free to use them.

We are in the very early stages of planning here and would rather know in advance if it's worth pursuing.  If you wanna see the Pink Pooch and the Silent Terrors make the animated leap, let us know today!

The next bit of news comes from a wave of art I've received from great artists inspired by previous themes from the Crazy Cartoon Experiment!  I'm so amazed by the quality of these pieces, not to mention the continued interest in the old CCE's as a whole, that I'm announcing the Crazy Cartoon Experiment Rewind

Basically, it's a free for all in terms of the themes.  It's open to any artist who didn't take part in one or any of the old ones, OR any artist who did that feels up to doing it again!  Anyone is welcome, regardless whether they follow me on Twitter, and the only rule is it HAS to be family friendly.  This is an all-ages site so let's keep it that way.

The themes were as follows:

1) "A Helium-Filled Dog Floating Precariously Close To A Cactus!"
2) "The Great Pumpkin"
3) "Realistic Reactions To Frosty The Snowman Coming To Life!"
4) "Exploding Underwear!"

The deadline is November 19th, 2013!  Hit me up on Twitter for further info and have fun with it!  Catch y'all in the Fall! 

And now, finally, onto with the show!

 This dandy comes from my pal Jimmy Purcell, the outrageous creator of the web comic Been Better!  Jimmy was cool enough to sketch this caricature of yours truly while dining at The Field Pub during our impromptu web comics mixer during Comic Con last month.  It's wild seeing myself drawn, especially in another's style.  This is only the second time somebody's caricatured me, and I gotta say, Jimmy nailed it.  He even made me handsome looking, which is no easy feat, and kept me company for a bit while I waited to do portfolio reviews that went nowhere really.  Jimmy's a great dude and a very funny cartoonist!  Be sure to check him out if you get the chance!

Next on the plate...
Rebecca Horn of the wonderful Penguin Capers comic, gave me this fun piece with her heroes, Meg and the Canine Kid, rescuing Mike and Mindy from certain doom!  According to Rebecca, the brave duo spotted what looked like two balloons deflating in the sky, but turned out to be Mike and Mindy!  Guess those "Airheads" were playing with helium again and bit off more than they could chew!  So big thanks to Meg and Canine Kid for rescuing them and bringing them home.  And even bigger thanks to Rebecca for doing this great Fan Art for me!  Rebecca's a class act and a wonderful person who recently learned she's gonna be a mom, so congrats again!  She's also one of the people I did a guest strip for, so stay 'tooned!

Well folks, that's all for today.  I'm sure I can dig up some fun for next week and don't forget to let us know if you wanna see Picpak and the CRAZYVERSE animated! Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later! :)  

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