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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Another Comic Con has come and gone, and this one was totally insane!  It had it's ups and downs, as it always does, but I still had a blast attending it!  Made many new friends while catching up with old ones.  I also decided to take the plunge and go to portfolio reviews with Cartoon Network and Hasbro. And while I came away with no job, I know that at least my work is appreciated, and that I am now more determined than ever to make a good run as a cartoonist.  I also had the thrill of a lifetime taking part in The Blank Page Project (More on that later) and meeting legendary VO artist Jim Cummings, who told me I definitely had a future in cartoons!

It was one of the best weeks of my life and rather than just tell y'all about it, allow me to show you...

 Azog the Defiler was there and I gotta say, he's much shorter in real life!

 For two years now, religious (and non-religious) zealots have been showing up and ruining the Con for people, telling us we're evil for liking comics and fantasy.  Luckily, these kids showed up and reminded everybody the REAL reason we're there: To have fun!

 Jenkies!  Anybody else wanna solve a groovy mystery right now?

Bo Peep and Woody stopped by to make sure all the toys were safe and accounted for. 

 The scene across the street at the Gaslamp Quarter, where even MORE wild free fun could be found!

 And here's the now traditional obligatory Luchadore Mask pic, this time with my new Teal Ultimo Dragon mask!  Also decided to give Lego's bastard stepbrother a little bit of publicity!

Master Yoda is so generous.  He used the Force to conjure up some lunch money for me. 

Earlier I mentioned the Blank Page Project and here it is!  The premise was simple: The Hero Initiative and Comixology brought in a huge 8' x 12' canvas and invited a bunch of artists to fill it up!  Imagine my shock when I came back later on to see that Kevin Eastman himself drew Rafael right next to Mike and Mindy!  If I died tomorrow I'd feel somewhat fulfilled!  A huge thanks goes out to the wonderful folks at My Comic Rocket for getting me on this!  You guys are the best! 

 High Five Ghost is in the house!  Given the awesome Regular Show Experience taking place at the Children's Museum across the street, I'm surprised there wasn't more Regular Show cosplay.

 Any other week of the year, these two would be rivals.  Sadly, Grimace and Col. Sanders couldn't make it this year.  They were attending the Burger king's funeral.

 NYC's greatest vigilante madman, Casey Jones!

 This Lemongrab costume was, surprisingly enough, ACCEPTABLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!

Loveboat The Next Generation!  This isn't the first time I've seen this at Comic Con and, not surprisingly, they said I was the only one figured it out.  Kids today! 

The Sharknado appeared! 

Uh oh!  The Swedish Chef has been caught and added to the collective!  Now his slogan is "BORG BORG BORG!!!"  

The Ice Queen!  Still trolling for dudes! 

KITT was spotted patrolling through the East Village.  Good thing too.  That place gets creepy at night! 

Not sure what this was part of, but the Dragon being led around 5th Avenue was freakin' awesome! 

They will seriously pony-fy ANYTHING these days!  And yet, it really does work style-wise.  Her proton pack even lit up!  

The week ended with a heartwarming reunion between Beetlejuice and Lydia.  It's nice to see that she could forgive him for attempting to kill her parents, destroy her home and force her to marry him!

And thus concludes the journey for Comic Con 2013.  It's only been over for a few days, but I'm already making my plans for next year's show!  Maybe then I'll finally earn enough to just stay at a hotel for the week and quit bumming rides off people!  Only time will tell...

That's all for this week folks.  I'll be back next time with a brand new Mike and Mindy that is simply "Bubbling" with laughs!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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