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Friday, March 23, 2012


Well folks, I'm back and it was quite an experience! It's hard to believe that a week ago at this time, I was sitting at my table anxiously awaiting the first guest of Wondercon to pass through my isle! For a first time exhibitor, I think things went relatively well. I didn't sell out, but I sold better than I thought I would! I even did some commissioned sketches!

There's so much that can be said about the whole ordeal, but I don't want to bore anybody. So check out these pictures instead...

The calm before the storm... A rare site for most con goers: the exhibit hall before it opens!

My humble abode. It was nothing fancy, but I feel I did a decent job decorating it.
The rest of my table. The guy at the table to my right no-showed, so a lot of people kind of ignored my isle. My neighbors and I felt pretty let down, but I'm sure this dude had his reasons. It didn't help that a restroom blocked out most of Artist Alley! Hardly anybody came through!

Halo Finn! This kid was really cool. His mom bought him a copy of my book and came back the next day to tell me how much they enjoyed it and that they couldn't wait for the next one to come out! Talk about a spirit booster! It really made me feel good to hear that.

Quailman! Doug cosplay seems to be the new rage at conventions these days. Seriously, this is like the sixth dude I've seen dressed like this in the last two years! Now if only somebody would come dressed as Silver Skeeter and Roger!

"WE'LL GIVE YOU HALF... OF NOTHING!!!" I love Metalocalypse! I just hope it goes back to its original ten-minute format when it comes back. The half-hour shows just didn't work.

Sesame Street cosplay? Oddly enough, this isn't the first time I've seen it at a convention. A couple of years ago, a guy came to Comic Con as Oscar the Grouch! I gotta say, this costume's fairly accurate, although the real Big Bird doesn't usually look so stoned!

He's here to change the world! Now if only he could get some dudes to dress like Hooter and the break dancing Whip Warriors, then he'd have something!

"LET'S GET DANGEROUS!!!" Darkwing Duck, one of my all-time favorites!

Speaking of dangerous, this brave soul actually risked life and limb to come as the Star Wars Universe's most hated character, Jar Jar Binks! Can't help but admire his courage though.

It's BOO!!! But where's Hercule?

It's a sad day when even Super Mario joins the Akatsuki! Great concept though. The headband really ties it together.

Pimp Joker! It was bound to happen sooner or later.

One last look at the exhibit hall. I didn't get much of a chance to walk around, having to man my table and all. Luckily, my neighbors kept and eye on things so I could get up and move every few hours. That was hardest part of the weekend: not being able to see all the booths!

All in all, it was a great experience. I'd like to thank all the great attendees, pros and fellow exhibitors who helped make my first time a success. It was nice to get my feet wet without having to dive headfirst into the circus that is Comic Con San Diego. I can't wait for the next opportunity!

Well, that's all for now. I'll be back next time with a little more on Wondercon and maybe something funny too. In the meantime, take care, and I'll catch y'all later!

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