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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey folks! Just a quick little update this week. Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I'd thought I'd present a couple appetizers before the main course. Enjoy!

I have to admit, the first time I saw this ad, I fell for it! It wasn't until he wails "BAH BAHHHHHH!" that I realized it was a parody! This ad came out back in 1998, and is still one of the funniest damn things I've ever seen.

Next up...

For all my readers out on the east coast, this is a Jack in the Box ad. The reason I say this is because every year at Comic Con, I have to explain to at least ten people a day what Jack in the Box is and that it's delicious! Come to think of it, I had to do the same thing back in college too! Seriously, you east coasters don't know what you're missing! In addition to some really tasty food (even by fast food standards), Jack in the Box also has some of the funniest commercials on television. Rest assured, more will be posted in the future. In the meantime, head on over to Jack in the Box right now and get some TACO'S! Well, go if you live in a town that has one at least. If not, I'm afraid I just can't help you there!

Well, that's all for this week. I'll be back next time with some Christmas fun featuring Mike and Mindy, the Mushroom gang and a treat or two to kick the holidays into high gear! With that said, have a fun and safe Thanksgiving and remember not to go too crazy on "Black Friday." And if you do go shopping, be sure to buy some bigger pants. Chances are you're gonna need 'em come January!

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