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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Here we are! Just a week away! I originally planned to do yet another long, overblown intro on how great this year is going to be, but I've decided to just let the pictures do the talking. So once again, the Wayback's been set, and we're heading to 2010! Enjoy the pics!

Carmen San Diego! Turns out she'd been at Comic Con the whole time.

Voltron about to get some sugar!

The Mexican Avenger! Arriba!

Super Chicken Nugget Boy! The world's first processed meat super hero!

Li'l Hit Girl gets down at the HUB Pavillion.

Subzero enjoying his gift bag.

The iconic Warner Bros. Water Tower. I had to help take this thing down last year. I was going to take the logo home, but I couldn't fit the damn thing in the cab of my truck! It was made of foam core too, so I couldn't just toss it in the back either.

Ash is back! Is it me, or has there been a lot of Evil Dead cosplay in recent years?

The Fandango Bag! That thing was really hungry too!

The rock wall at the Clash of the Titans Challenge. I'm terrified of heights, so I don't know why I did this! What can I say? The pursuit of swag makes us do crazy things!

Wow! Talk about out of left field. I didn't realize anybody out there even remembered Gargoyles. Still, this isn't the most obscure costume I've ever seen at the Con. That distinct honor is a tie between the guy who dressed up as Captain EO in 2009 and the dude who went as Captain N the Game Master in 2008.

Love Boat: the Next Generation! According to this guy, I was one of only three people who got his costume. (It's based on an old Saturday Night Live skit for those of you scratching your heads)

Strong to the finish!

Pimp Mario!

A Clockwork Orange. A lot of guys came dressed like this last year.

The Rocketeer, paying tribute to the great Dave Stevens.

Don't stop 'til you get enough!


Gary was there, but lost his "friend of friends."

Wow, Dark Crystal cosplay! Creepy!

Well, that's all for now folks. There won't be any new post next week as I'll be busy with Comic Con. I'm really looking forward to this year's show and I hope to have many great pictures when I get back. Until next time, I'll catch y'all later!

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