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Friday, June 24, 2011


Can it be? Is it really that time already? You bet yer Batman Underoos it is! We are now less than a month away from the grandaddy of them all, the showcase of the immortals... No Goofus, not "Starrcade" or "Wrestlemania"! I'm talking about COMIC CON! The greatest four days of the year (five if go to the preview night)! Yes sir, it's time to get ready for some swag hunting, autograph hounding and party crashing! And to celebrate the up coming Con, I've set the Wayback Machine to 2007 so we can take a look back at some of memories of the past. So enjoy the pics!

The pirate ship built to celebrate the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. My brother help set this booth up and did all the lighting for it.

Convention legend, Elvis Trooper.

Not to surprisingly, she was very popular with male attendees. She should have teamed up with Bruce Campbell to do an Evil Dead/Grindhouse mash-up. Assault Rifle leg vs. Chainsaw arm! Who wouldn't watch!

These were part of a charity auction that had different artist painting up Darth Vader helmets

Another painted Vader helmet. I got more pics of these things, but space is limited.

April and Casey. I always love it when people do Ninja Turtle cosplay.

Sgt. Slaughter. I was so hoping he'd put me in the Cobra Clutch, but the headlock was good enough. And no, he didn't call anybody a "maggot".

Robotech love!

I should've known better than to go above his helmet.

Special Effects Legend Ray Harryhausen. Before there were computers, you went to this guy if you wanted mind blowing special effects. What he accomplished in the field of stop motion animation is nothing short of amazing. Ray almost never had a good budget to work with, and yet his "creatures" still always managed to steal show. It was an honor to meet him.

Brian Henson, the son of Muppet creator Jim Henson. I have many idols, but none I hold higher than Jim Henson. He's the primary reason I wanted to tell stories and entertain people. In fact, the reason my characters all have big eyes and spindly limbs is due to the muppet influence. If I'm half as good at making people happy as Jim Henson was, then I'd be proud.

It's only a flesh wound I'm sure.

The funny and ultra talented Brian Posehn. This dude is freakin' hilarious and always down for a picture. On the far left is another legendary figure, my old friend Luis. There's a very funny story about Luis, and it's coming up, so stay tuned.

Overcrowding at Comic Con reached a fever pitch last year when an alleged seating dispute in Hall H lead to a man being stabbed in the face with a pen! This wasn't the first time that violence broke out at the Con. Back in 2007, future Controller Throwers star Riki Medina got into a dispute with Kermit the Frog over the sampling of the song Being Green. Unfortunately for Riki, Animal had Kermit's back. It wasn't pretty.

I wasn't sure who they were supposed to be, but I loved the costumes.

Another Special Effects Legend, the late Stan Winston. Sadly, this wound up being Stan's last public appearance. Meeting him was one of the most awesome experiences ever, primarily because of the wicked prank he helped us pull on our friend Luis. You see, Luis is generally a good guy, but he could drive people crazy sometimes, especially during Comic Con 2007. As me, Riki and our pal Eddy were waiting to meet Mr. Winston, we noticed Luis had cut everybody in line. To say it pissed us off would be an understatement, especially since minutes before, Luis had handed us all his dvd's to get them signed for him. To get back at Luis, I had his Terminator dvd made out to everybody but him. Then, for extra measure, we got Stan Winston to rant on camera for a few minutes about how Luis thought that Stan had nothing to do with Jurassic Park (Luis had been arguing about it with Eddy all day). It was pretty funny,and even Luis had a really good laugh about it. We only hope Stan Winston thought it was funny too.

Riki giving the Predator some sugar.

Out of all of us who met Sarge, Eddy was the only one that did the cool, G.I. Joe pose.

It has become a Con tradition for Riki to be photographed while trying to sneak into an "off limits" area. He has yet to be caught.

Hagrid, the world's most successful high dropout. Seriously, he never completed his wizards training!

Well folks, that's all for this week. I'll be back next time with some comics, including an "explosive" new "Mike and Mindy", a very informative new "Mushroom" and a splash page that will definitely give people some ideas. Plus, we'll see what other treasures from Comic Con's past we can dig up. Until next time, I'll catch y'all later!

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