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Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey crazy heads! After years of scraping and saving I finally got a new computer! These last couple years have been pretty good to me work-wise, to the point that I'm actually starting to make a comfortable living. So now, I can finally update weekly, regardless of my work schedule, and without having to bother people to see if I can use their computers. To put it simply; I have moved into the modern age!

Anyway, you people don't read this blog just to read about my personal life, not that I actually post anything personal. You come for comics and wrestling, so let's start the show!

Gee, and I always heard that gas-powered appliances were more efficient.

It should be noted that I got a few e-mails after my Ultimate Warrior post a few weeks back, bringing to question one of pop culture's greatest urban legends: that the Ultimate Warrior is dead. I'm gonna go ahead and douse this flame and tell you that the Warrior is alive and always has been. There has only been one warrior, and as previously mentioned, his name is Jim Hellwig. The rumor probably started around 1992. He had just come back to the WWF and had lost some of his muscle mass and no longer feathered his hair. It was enough for fans to think that it was somebody else under the face paint, and the rumor quickly started. It picked up more steam in 1995 when WCW brought in a Warrior clone called the Renegade after they couldn't sign the real Warrior. Fans initially thought that it was the Ultimate Warrior, but quickly realized that the Renegade was actually worse in the ring, so fans once again thought that Hellwig had died. Thanks to this great tool known as the internet, what once was a silly little rumor has blown up into an urban legend complete with theories and conspiracies. So, for what I know won't be the last time, the Ultimate Warrior is alive. He's clinically insane, but alive none the less.

Well, that's all for this week. I'm excited for the future of this blog, not to mention the future period. Life is good people. Don't ever waste it. Until next time, I'll catch y'all later!

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