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Friday, November 5, 2010


Hey folks, I'm back and ready to entertain. Hopefully, everybody had a safe and fun Halloween this year. Judging by the increased traffic my blog had last week, I'm guessing some girls discovered my mentioning that I had to work the Justin Beiber concert last week. I'm going to go ahead and burst everybody's bubble right now. Yes, I worked it. No, I didn't meet him. I did see him however, and man is that kid short! I mean, he couldn't have been no more 4'5" at best. I had a hard time believing he was a teenager (When I was 16, I was already 6' even.). Is it any wonder some twelve year old beat his ass a few weeks back! His road crew were real nice guys. They didn't think too highly of him though.

It was a busy but fun weekend, the highlight of which was catching up with Matt Lorentz. He's busy distributing the Aftercon pieces that sold while returning the ones that didn't sell. We only had a few minutes to talk, but it was great to see him again. He gave me some great tips for coloring with Prisma Color Markers. So maybe now, my comics will have a more professional look to them. Now if only I had asked him for some tips on coloring within the lines! If you're reading this Matt, you're a cool dude and I look forward to working with you again in the future, and thanks again for the coloring tips!

Anyway, enough of the sentimental crap. Enjoy the comics!

I do hope this month's comics were enjoyable. Bad and Worse is a new feature I'm introducing this week, and I'm hoping it catches on. This won't be a monthly comic, but I do plan on doing more of them should you fine readers like it.

Well, that's it for today. I'll be back next time with a real "turkey" of a wrestling post. I think you folks will really "gobble" it up! It's going to be "egg-ceptional"! (Man, I really suck at this coming up with puns thing!) Until next time, y'all take care now. Later!

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