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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


We are back and edging ever so much closer to Comic Con 2018!  How much closer you ask?  Why, its next week for crying out loud!  Can't believe how much quicker this show pops up every year!  It seems like I'm still sorting through last year's swag!  But hey, you're here for con pics, am I right?  So let's cut the boring stuff and get straight to the fun part!  Doctor Who loaned me a Tardis, and we got 2015 in our sights!  The CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN is a go again!  Enjoy...

He's Gumby dammit!  Actually, that's the grandson of Gumby's creator, Art Clokey!  Gotta love this kid's devotion to his grandfather's great creation!

For gamers young and old, Hall A of the exhibit hall holds MANY wonderful treasures waiting to be unearthed!  Also, it's usually a good spot to catch your breath as it doesn't crowd as much on that end.

The infamous Assassin's Creed Challenge Course.  It ran for two years and led to many a hilarious YouTube video being posted.  For those who never got to see it, it was basically a less messy version of the Double Dare obstacle course.  Most people who tried it wiped out fairly quickly, like the girl who dressed like the ice princess from Frozen.  But some were able to make it through, most memorably, two dudes that dressed up like Mario and Luigi!  A huge crowd of us cheered like mad as these guys made it through the course!  I doubt this one will ever come back, but for two glorious years, it gave us lots of laughs!  

They didn't want to build a snowman.

 Apparently this guy in the middle is a Stormtrooper trainee!

2015, the year that Lego tookover the outside of the Hard Rock Hotel!

The Petco Park Interactive Zone (Soon to be the Experience At Petco Park), is always a lively -AND FREE- spot of activity!  This particular year, an impromptu cosplay contest sprung up when a local radio station that had a booth there commandeered the stage that had been built!  With things being bigger this year, who knows what kind of fun will be had?

There's an awful lot of outdoor shots in this post.  I do tend to spend a lot of time during con doing the offsites, so sunblock is definitely a must!  One of the best things about doing the outdoor stuff is that some of the best cosplay is outside in the Gaslamp Quarter AND I tend to make a lot of new friends, like this big jolly junebug!  Despite his large size and loud buzzing, these bugs are very gentle and quite beneficial to the environment, so please just leave them be if they buzz by!

The Super Shredder has the Ooze!  But does he know its secret?

Hello there children!  Chef is quite the gamer!

E Honda came and destroyed a real Honda that had been double parked outside the Hilton!

Mr. Creepy!  Glad you brought plenty of spoons!  The Tick was asking about them earlier!

Thor and Lando.  Two dude's with long histories of being deceived.

And we end this week's post with these buttheads!  Kinda fitting really given all the time traveling refs I keep making.  And to think, Hoverboards sort of exist but are nowhere near as cool as the movie ones!

And so ends the most recent look back at Comic Con 2015.  'Twas the year of the offsites as many started ramping up their offerings in an effort to draw in more people who couldn't get badges.  It was also the year of Star Wars as the Episode VII Hall H panel drew record crowds and created some insane moments as the +6,000 attendees were led out of the hall and down the back way to the pops site to watch an exclusive concert of all the music from the films.  It's hard to say what's gonna go down at the Lucasfilm booth this year, given the recent controversies surrounding the latest films.  But hopefully all will be well and all the fans can bury the hatchet and join in a large group singing of the classic "Weird" Al song, Yoda!

And so another week passes.  We'll be back a little early next time as Comic Con starts next Wednesday, so the COUNTDOWN continues Monday to give everyone a little extra time to prepare and look back!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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