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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Alright folks!  Dust off yer capes and cowls!  Grab yer sketchbooks!  And for God's sake wash your Spider-man underoos!  We are less than a month away from the greatest week of the year: COMIC CON SAN DIEGO!!!

As I've done the last two years, I've borrowed the Way-back Machine from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, so that we may take a trip down memory lane and visit Comic Con's past!  This year, we're going to 2007!  Enjoy!...

Guard duty, FMA style!

Naruto and Bleach cosplay.  Always fun!

Gentle Giant always has an incredible booth!  Just wish I could afford some of their figures!  An interesting side note: the dude that played "Bulk" on Power Rangers works for them! 

Jabba the Hut!  Prior to being fondled by numerous corpulent Slave-girl Leia's!

The Polar Bear from The Golden Compass!  Not too bad a flick.  Admittedly, I only saw it 'cause Sam Elliot was in it!

Whoa!  Talk about a splitting headache!

Now presenting, Optimus Prime on welfare!

Riki Medina... Big fan of Shoot 'Em Up!  He could hardly contain himself!

If you only knew how many hours of my early childhood were spent playing with this!

Lego Chewbacca!  There are guys who get paid six-figure salaries to build these!  Doesn't that piss you off?!

Some more Darth Vader helmets painted for charity!  In the background is the timeline of the entire   Star Wars Universe, including the novels!  It's wild to think that they are people out there with that much free time on their hands!

Darth Vader with grillz!  Somewhere, Li'l John is smiling I'm sure.  At least he would be if he weren't flipping burgers right now!  I mean, seriously... He hasn't done crap in years and there's no way he has any money left!

One of the best things about Comic Con: HOT GIRLS IN COSTUMES!

Even more Hot Girl cosplay!  Actually, she was just a model hired by one of the booths.  Nine times out of ten, that's usually the case at Comic Con.

This bulldog wasn't part of the festivities.  She was out in front of the Tin Fish during a lunch break, and as a former bulldog owner, I couldn't resist snapping a picture!

When publishers collide!  It's Ghostrider and Catwoman sharing a moment outside the Marriott.  Nicholas Cage was actually at the show with his son, Westin.  Both were acting like complete horse's asses and I pretty much lost all respect for Mr. Cage. 

More Marvel/DC mash-up cosplay outside the lobby of the San Diego Convention Center!

Medusa and a Pirate lass!  Now if only a wookie could've lumbered by!

This was a very special droid done for sick little girl by the Make A Wish Foundation.  She was a huge Star Wars fan, but sadly did not live to see her customized droid.  They typically have it there every year, and I always donate.  Hopefully, you will too.

Doctor Who cosplay!  Oddly enough, it's only recently began surfacing at the con.  Surprising, considering that Doctor Who has always had a large following here!

Well, that's all for now!  I hope you enjoyed this "trek" down memory lane.  Next time, we'll go back to 2008 and relive some more awesome Con Memories!  Take care, and I'll catch y'all later!

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