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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Well, another Comic Con has come and gone here in San Diego.  This year's show certainly grabbed a few headlines with DC and Marvel pulling out all the stops for their remaining 2017 slates as well their lineups for 2018.  Cosplayers brought their "A" game in an effort to turn some heads.  And line management, or rather mismanagement, became the story of the show as some con goers still wage a furious war of words on social media with SDCC staff over bungled line distribution.  So pretty much your typical Comic Con really!

As for me, the show got off to a rough start but thankfully evened out by Saturday for two of the best days I've ever had at SDCC!  Picked up plenty of swag and nabbed some pretty rare books that I'm itching to dive into!  But first, how about we dive into some Comic Con pics instead?  Comic Con 2017 is/was a go!  Enjoy...

Among the biggest free offsite events was put on by Amazon promoting the second live action series based on The Tick.  I only got to do the first part as the second stage of the experience had too long a line out in the hot sun.  I'd like to say it was a fun activation but, sadly, Amazon's employees weren't up to task and pretty much were the prime reason the lines here were taking so long.  But, I got a pair of Tick antennae out of it, so it wasn't a total loss! 

Hey!  It's Mr. Poopybutthole!  Glad to see he's fully recovered from his Beth-inflicted wounds!

Strawberry Shortcake and Spider-man love them some MST3K!  Seriously now, who doesn't?!?

The Dawn Of Justice/Justice League Batmobile!  The DCEU films have been polarizing to say the least, but I think one of the few things everyone can really agree on is that the latest incarnation of Bruce Wayne's wheels are pretty badass!  It's like a mix of the Burton and Nolan Batmobiles.  I actually saw them drive it out of the building Sunday night during the load out!

Ms. Frizzle!  Not exactly sure why so many Ms. Frizzle cosplays are showing up at cons these days, but I really do love it!  Not-The-Norm cosplay is my favorite kind of cosplay!

After a pretty lackluster offering in 2016, the Petco Park Interactive Zone returned in a BIG way this year!  Pepsi hosted celebrity interviews and gave away free food and sodas, as did Xfinity and Heartstone, and there were plenty of interactive offerings to keep those without badges entertained for hours on end like the IT VR Bus Experience or the Kody Kapow Challenge Course!  Pepsi's food offerings were inspired... LITERALLY!!!  You see, they were serving free food based upon popular fandoms like Game Of Thrones, Deadpool or Naruto.  In the end, the "Wookie Cookie" and "Fire and Ice Float" were all I got to try, but the Ramen Taco certainly raised my eyebrows!

The LED wall at the Lucasfilm booth!  Proud to say I once again built this one!

Two Disneyland classics made the trip south for a change!  I won't lie.  Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout is an AWESOME ride and a HUGE upgrade over Tower Of Terror.  Still, I really loved TOT and was so sad to see it go!  At least the Florida version is still up.  Unfortunately, I have no firstborn to barter Disney World tickets with!

The Adult Swim On The Green Carnival!  Once again, all I could really do was stare from the outside.  Had my nephew and niece with me and since neither are 18, we couldn't go in.  Even on the weekend, when I was on my own, the crowds swarmed all the free events, squashing my efforts to get in.  Guess there's always next year...

Does me heart good to see the original TMNT movie get some pop culture love!  That first film in 1990 is very underrated and among the most faithful (and best) comic book adaptations ever!  Not to mention thosee turtle suits, some the Jim Henson Creature Shop's best efforts ever!

If it weren't for all the tattoos, this would be a pretty spot-on Bulma cosplay!

Say his name not once, not twice, but THREE times, and the ghost with the most will appear!

Dr. Hammond is still out and about looking for some willing archeologist testimonials!

In honor of Spaceballs' 30th Anniversary, Barf showed up with quite a few other Mawgs to represent one of the best space epics ever!

The Average Joes took a break from The Ocho to take on any challengers Comic Con may offer up!

The Wild Thornberries closely examine Comic Con's own varied wildlife population!

 Mary and Bert get ready for a ride in the Batmobile thanks to a helpful Mattel attendant!

Penelope Pitstop got through her perils and made it to SDCC just in time to save the Anthill Gang from getting mowed down by Dick Dastardly and Muttley!

Check it out!  It's Tiny Joel!  With his own homemade Tom Servo!  This kid clearly has cool parents and a great future ahead!

By Grothbar's Hammer!  Dr. Lazarus and Rick are chilling at Comic Con!

And that was Comic Con 2017!  I tell ya, I was there practically from start to finish, setting it up, attending it and taking it down.  The last part is never easy.  Besides just being worn out by con's end, taking it all down is like putting away the Christmas decorations times 1,000!  You know it has to be done, but it's just such bummer!  Other than that, it was really business as usual.  Was bummed to see a few more longtime con booths disappear, like Adult Swim and Legendary Films.  Also bummed that for the second straight year, there was no Star Wars programming or Xbox Lounge.  These were SDCC staples that seriously need to come back!  Crowds and lines, which are to be expected at this point, got a lot of attention from media outlets.  I hate saying it, but at this juncture, it might simply be time to make Hall H a premium that costs extra if folks wanna go in that badly.  Saturday especially would be the day they could probably test it out on, because those are the gold ticket panels.  As far as crowds go, if SDCC is gonna continue to include pop culture elements that aren't really relevant to the show, it's gonna keep bringing in extra crowds that no amount of convention center expansion is going to fix.  Ultimately, the simplest solution is to just cut out crap that shouldn't be there.  Come what may, we are now 50 weeks away from Comic Con 2018!  Who's excited?!?

And that's all she wrote for the 2017 CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN!  I hope you all enjoyed the last nine weeks of past SDCC glory!  And don't be so sad that it's over.  Comic Con may be 50 weeks away, but that just means we're 41 weeks out from the next countdown!  Not to mention other con pics will be posted in between, so stay tuned!  Next week, we return to normal with some CRAZY Charitable art!  So be sure to come back and check it out!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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