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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


 And we're back!  I think.  Comic Con 2017 was last week but as of this writing hasn't actually happened yet.  So this is Past Jon writing as Future Jon while Present Jon still eagerly waits for the show!  Except, if this is actually today, Past Jon IS Present Jon and now Future Jon eagerly awaits Long Beach Con!  Christ is this getting confusing!  Let's just jump into the pics and agree that these posts were all written in advance, sound good?

Time to dive into Comic Con 2016!  Enjoy...

Lot's of old school Nickelodeon nostalgia was going on at the 2016 con!  Double Dare was every kid's dream once upon a time.  Not sure why being covered in pies and slime is so appealing to us as kids.  I guess the idea of being messy just has its own merit somehow!

If there's one thing I love, it's MST3K cosplay!

 Ms. Frizzle!  The world's most dangerous teacher!

If a bum pees in the street, it's lewd conduct.  When Santa Claus does it, it's "Magical."  No one is above the law dammit!  Santa's on the Naughty List now!

The Nerdist Camp Conival at Petco Park was an awesome free event!  It had games, swag and panels for ALL to enjoy!

It was one and done for Entertainment Weekly's ConX in 2016.  It was a pretty fun set up, but sadly was just too far away from all the other con happenings to entice people to make the trip.  Still, for one glorious year, it happened!

Escalators at SDCC can be a pretty interesting ride!

Anastasia cosplay!  This may be a first!

San Diego is ALWAYS classy!
Maybe DC should've had these guys play the Suicide Squad.  They were WAY more believable!

Hello there children!

An areal view of the FX Zone at Hilton Park!  Always a lotta fun to be had there!

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew was frantically looking for all the pieces that make up Beaker! Apparently, there was an accident at Muppet Labs!

And now, since it's Spaceballs' 30th anniversary, here's desert Dark Helmet!  He had people combing the exhibit hall!

And that was Comic Con 2016.  It was a tough show for me.  I got a blister on my foot the first day that only got worse as the days went on.  Still, I marched on and made the most of it.  Saw almost everything and walked away with some awesome books!  I'll call that a win!

And that's all for July!  Hope you enjoyed all the Comic Con madness!  We got one week left, and what better way to close things out than with a look at THIS year's show?  So be sure to come back next time!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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