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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


WOOOOOOO!!!  We are back!  After six weeks straight of comic con pics, we are finally back with some CRAZY comic action!  As some of you may recall, I ended my two original comic series', Mike & Mindy and Mushrooms, three years ago to move on to other stories.  Well, recently, two story ideas popped up that just couldn't be contained to a single panel, so today I present to you the first of the two New Mushrooms strips since December of 2014!  Enjoy...

  As a general rule in cartoons, never over inflate an inflatable object.  It's just gonna blow up the blower instead!  Joanne Byatt is a very dear friend of mine on Twitter who is always very encouraging.  So when she got picked up by a major publishing house,  I did this little one shot comic as way to congratulate her!  At the time, many illustrators were on a balloon squirrel kick, so I thought I'd jump on board with my own puffed up squirrel for Jo!  Sadly, he blew away to another part of England afterward!  To see more of Jo's delightful art, check out her website here!  Congrats as always Jo and thanks for being such a wonderful friend!

And that's all for this week.  We'll be back next week with another New Mushrooms comic that'll really reveal the dangers, and bounty, of the ocean!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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