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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


NEXT WEEK!!! COMIC CON 2016 IS NEXT WEEK!!!  SO LITTLE TO DO AND SO MUCH TIME…  Wait a minute, thats not right.  There's TONS to do!  Alright, lets just get through today, shall we?  Here's some art...

Today's art came from the Daily Doodle theme of Flat Stanley, the tale of a boy who goes flat and is literally blown around from one situation into another.  In the end, Stanley's brother pumps him back to normal, which made for the perfect excuse to do a twisted variation of the finale!  I can't tell you how many cartoonist and illustrator pals tweeted me over how much they loved the rough art for this.  One pal even said he would've happily pumped up his sister if she had gone flat!  I can only imagine what family get togethers would've been like afterward!

Well, the art part's done, so now it's time for some blast-from-the-past fun courtesy of Comic Con!  This time, we jump back to 2013, the year everything came full circle… Or did it?  Hell, I don't remember!  That weekend is a whole blur now!  Thank God I got pictures to piece it all back together!  Enjoy...

The WB booth.  One of the biggest at the Con.  They used to have a huge water tower there, but those days are long gone.  Lord only knows what's gonna happen at the booth this year.  LOTS of fans are gonna be vocal over DC's movies! 


The final year of the Shifty Look retro lounge.  They went under two months later.  I'll always have memories at least. 

The Xbox Lounge was moved to the Hyatt after spending its first year at the Hard Rock.  The Hyatt certainly offers more space, but thanks to some rowdy folks the previous year, it's no longer free for all and also no longer gives out snacks!  Still, this lounge was a lot of fun and gave out some great swag. 

The Regular Show Experience at the New Children's Museum was awesome!  It was a long wait, but totally worth it!  Got an exclusive poster, played some classic 80's games and won a pair of fuzzy dice! This really was the best thing at the Con that year!

Pretty sure this counts as a trained service animal. 


Alex Ross-style Joker!  He looks so classy! 

The Ender's Game Experience in the Gaslamp.  In the past, it'd been the Frankenweenie Experience.  These days, it's the Assassin's Creed Obstacle Course.  And yes, I've wasted hours watching folks get their asses handed to them on it!  I never did see Ender's Game, but the experience was pretty cool.  Got a pretty funny ID Badge (Top of the post) out of it!

This was something at the Hasbro booth.  Can't recall what toy it was for, but it looked pretty cool!  Also looks like it wants to munch on some ponies! 

Always something awesome to see and do at the Petco Park Interactive Zone!  And best of all, its completely FREE!!!

 Boltman was on the hunt!

Pretty sure the Ocarina of Time isn't meant for panhandling, Link! 


Wild West Ghostbusters!  Love this variant!

And so wraps up our look back at Comic Con 2013!  A great year and the last Con to date where I actually got to walk around see what I wanted to.  These days I got my nephew and niece with me.  It's all good though.  They're starting to get into the stuff I'm into, so now we can enjoy it together, instead of being bored with each other's interests!

And so we finish another week!  We'll be back next time with some more fun art, a look back at Comic Con 2014 and some info on this year's Web Comic Meet-Up!  We'll also be posting on Monday next week so that everyone will have more time to soak it all in.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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