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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Well well well!  We are finally in the month of may, and as promised, I got a full report on WonderCon 2015!  But first, let's start off with a finished doodle from last year...

Up above, we have a dancing hippo!  I honestly can't remember if this was for the Daily Doodle or Sketch Dailies, but it was a lot of fun to draw.  I really do love how simple some of the themes are.  Certainly takes some of the stress off.  And incidentally, this was the first hippo I ever drew!

And now, on to WonderCon!  This year was one for the ages!  After struggling through three WonderCons in a row, I finally broke through and turned a profit!  It was a weird weekend though.  I walked into it with a horrible sinus infection that I seriously considered heading to the urgent care for, and ended on some sad news that WonderCon was moving to LA in 2016.  Still, there was no time for such worries.  I knew something good was going to happen when I sold several pages worth of sketch cards within the first hour of it!  I knew I was on to something with those cards when they salvaged the last day of WonderCon 2014 for me and further proved it at San Diego Comic Fest last Fall.  Now, I know where my future focus needs to be.  Anyway, enough blabbering!  On with the con...

Hello there children!  It's Chef!  God I miss Isaac Hayes.  If only things had ended better.

The Spaceballs brigade out in full force!  Or is that Schwartz? 

Gender-swap Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy!  I had ran into these gals earlier at my hotel and they were kind enough to stop by my table for a pic!

Li'l Groot was super adorbs... 

...Li'l Nurse Joker, meanwhile, was kinda disturbing!  He liked my cards though!  And yes, those are some MST3K cards in the book! 

HAVE A NICE DAY!!!  It's Mankind cosplay!   

For years now, I've been begging on this blog for someone to do some Silver Skeeter cosplay.  Now, we FINALLY have it!  AND, they brought in Smash Adams and Race Canyon too!  Next year, someone needs to add Roger and Mr. Dink to the mix!

 YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!  It's gender-swap Dr. Roxxo!  The Rock 'N' Roll Clown!

Straight from Deep 13, it's Gender-swap Dr. Forrester, Mike, Tom Servo and Crow!  And yes, his puppets actually worked! 

We even had Joel Cosplay!  His Tom Servo puppet ALSO worked!  These dudes above have inspired me to build my own Tom Servo puppet this Summer!

 Rita Repulsa and her goons!  I don't recall Rita being so well, um, endowed!

And finally, the infamous dress was cosplayed even!  Bonus points if anyone remembers this dress by next year!

So yes, WonderCon was pretty wonderful this year.  Will I be back next year?  Not very likely.  There are some personal reasons I can't go and frankly, its tough being away on Easter.  Hopefully a new show will come to Anaheim so we can all go back and have some fun.  For all who came to see me there and supported me this year, thank you so much.  It was a dream come true.

That's all for this week folks.  I'll be back next time with some more fun.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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