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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Welcome back!  It's Guest Week here and I got a very special piece from my very good friend Jason Platt, the creator of Mister And Me!  So flex some muscle and check it out...

For those of you who haven't checked out Mister And Me before, you are really missing out!  It's a very sweet tale about a boy and his dad and the fun times they have together.  It also features very whimsical art very reminiscent of Charles Schultz and Bill Watterson.  Jason's no stranger to the CRAZYVERSE, having taken part in the first two CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENTS and over the years has become a very good pal thanks to Twitter.  Jason knew I was a big wrestling fan and decided to work me and one of my prized masks into the toon!  And this is the spitting image of me too!  Well, except for all the well-defined muscles!  But hey, some artistic liberties have to be taken!  Thanks again Jason!  You rock dude!

And now, for some more Comic Con pics!  This time, 2011 gets the spotlight, so enjoy!

 Mushroom Gals!  Have I mentioned before how that bridge over Harbor's a Godsend?

 Burt and Ernie Cosplay!  It was rumored during Con that Justin Timberlake and his agent were the ones under the hoods.  It was revealed to be true the following week!

 Super Girl and the Green Ranger!  I'm sure the helmet hiding the face would reveal a very excited man underneath!

 She made them VERY angry!

 Luckily, she didn't step on any churches in his town!

 Planet Express ALWAYS delivers the goods!

 The Akatsuki better watch out!  The Avengers don't screw around!

 Cartoon Lidia and Beetlejuice!  A nice switch up!
 A flock of Finns in the Gaslamp!

 I hate Smurfs so much, I rigged my truck with a cannon to blow this giant one away!

Well, that's all this week!  Be back next time with a special Comic Con Splash Page and some more pics from comic con!  Until then, take it easy and I'll catch y'all later!

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