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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Another week, another comic!  This one should actually be "ROCK PUNS VOLUME 4," but, eh, it's still a Mushrooms strip when all's said and done, so sit back and enjoy the CRAZINESS!

Sheesh!  I hope the real Flaming Lips have a less horrific origin than that!  I've never even heard of Modest Mouse, but I couldn't let a good pun go to waste!  And I'm fully aware there are six doors in that third panel, but it's all symmetrical.  And panel four has some special guests from three of my favorite comics: Goober from Daniel Barton's Goober And Cindy, Ralf from Scott Lincoln's Ralf The Destroyer and Tawee from Eddie Pittman's Red's Planet!  I know the TNA bit is a low blow, but seriously now, has anything they've done in the last four years given anybody any reason to think otherwise?  And lastly, those twerps are as naughty as they come!  I'll be having nightmares for weeks now!  Guess I had that one coming though.  Nasty little buggers!

So ends another week of CRAZY.  We'll back next time with some Guest CRAZINESS to entertain the masses.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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