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Friday, February 24, 2012


After weeks of teasing, it's finally here! I present to you, dear readers, the first collection of Mike and Mindy and Mushrooms comics: FORK IN THE ROAD: The Crazy Collection Volume 1! I can't even begin to tell y'all how excited I am to finally be putting this out! A lot of work went into making this book happen, but the end result was worth it! A lot of credit goes out to the geniuses over at Ego ID Media in San Diego. Those dudes are miracle workers and did a fantastic job! The book will debut at Wondercon in Anaheim in just three weeks! So be sure to make your way down Artist Alley and get a copy before they sell out!

And just to entice you even more, here a couple of sneak peeks inside the book...

A lot new art is in the book!

And every page is glossy! So these books are durable!

Well, I hope everybody likes what they see thus far. It's gonna be a limited run at Wondercon folks, so be sure to get your copies quick! I'll even do a free sketch for every purchase!

Well, I'm still in a state of euphoria right now, so I'm gonna jump to something completely different; FRANK ZAPPA!!!

There's much to be said about this man, but a mere blog post wouldn't do him any justice. I will say this though: Zappa was amazing! He mastered over 20 musical instruments by the time he was 22, composed complete, four-part symphonies and coined the term "Valley Girl," which went on to become his most popular song, although most Zappa purists would consider I am the Slime to be his signature song. Frank Zappa belonged to no single genre. He did everything from rock and jazz to blues and classical. He also had one of the highest IQ's ever recorded, so when people call him a genius, they aren't just singing his praises. Zappa left a huge impression on me. Hell, he made an impression on a lot of artists, musicians and filmmakers. He set trends and dared to experiment, a quality that is sorrily lacking in today's music. For some of you younger readers who've never heard of Frank Zappa, I encourage you seek out his music and give it a try. It's weird, but in a good way.

Well, it's about that time. But before I go, I'd like to take a moment to thank a couple of people for plugging my site recently: Batton Lash and Matt Gross. Batton, as a lot of you already know, does the great comic Supernatural Law, and was kind enough to take some time and talk with me the other day. His site can be found here, and Batton will also be at Wondercon this year, so be sure to go say high to him! Matt Gross is the cartoonist behind CAAATS!, a very funny, sweet and charming comic about two goofy but lovable cats. His strip recently celebrated its first anniversary, so I did a little piece to honor those crazy cats. His site can be found here, and I highly recommend y'all check it out.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be back next time with a "colorful" new Mike and Mindy and a new Mushrooms that's just "bursting" with laughs! In the meantime, take it easy, and I'll catch y'all later!

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