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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


And we're back!  We got a double dose of fun in store today with the baddest of the bad Golden Ticket winners, Verruca Salt and Mike Teevee!  So let's "snap" to it and jump in!  Enjoy…

Ah Verruca and Mike.  Such devilishly hatable little turds!  In all versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, these two are without question the most despicable of the kids who got to see the factory.  While Augustus and Violet had very minor flaws, these two brats were ripe for a heavy dose of reality! And as you can see, Willy Wonka is happy to deliver it to them!  The reason these two share a page is rather simple really.  I had to work and missed one of the Daily Doodle's themes.  So, I just combined them!  I think it worked out pretty nicely!  I killed two birds with one stone… Just like Mr. Wonka!

And that's all she wrote for today!  We'll close out next week with the big winner of the Golden Tickets as well as with some news on Bubble Fox's vacation!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It's the middle of August!  Cripes, how'd we get here so fast?!  Seems like only yesterday I was gearing up for Comic Con, now I'm gearing up for Long Beach.  Oh well.  Guess all we can do is live life to its fullest and look at some art of the very, heh heh, "Plum" Violet Beauregard!  Enjoy…

Wow!  Given some of the commercials I've seen recently, perhaps Willy Wonka has a gassing room too for scented markers?  Violet was another kid I felt didn't deserve such a harsh punishment.  At least not in the original movie.  Even the Violet from the remake didn't seem all that bad.  And yet, both times and in the book, she's turned into a fruit-flavored dirigible.  I'm starting to think Wonka just plain hates kids!

And another bites the dust this month!  But never fear!  Next week, the two kids that actually were pretty bad FINALLY get theirs!  So be sure to come on back for a laugh or two!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Welcome back CRAZIES!  Week two of our Roald Dahl salute continues as we take a look at everybody's favorite glutton, Augustus Gloop!  So let's dive right in, shall we?  Enjoy…

I honestly never felt that Augustus was that bad of a kid.  I mean yeah, he was a greedy slob, but some kids just are.  He wasn't really rude or mean spirited.  Maybe a little foolish, but he didn't deserve to get sucked up into a pipe after nearly drowning in chocolate!  Either way, Wonka's vacuum system is gonna need replacing soon!

Well, that's all for this week folks.  I'll be back next time with some art that might have you feeling a little "Blue!"  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Welcome to August my CRAZIES!  Man, Comic Con 2016 was something else!  I was all over the place that week!  My feet STILL hurt from all the walking I did!  The sights, the sounds, *Shivers* the smells…  It was a lot for just five days.  Still, I have a responsibility to report on the goings on at what has become Nerd Christmas for many, but first, some art!  Tis Roald Dahl month here at the CRAZYVERSE, and this year, I've selected Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as the theme!  Actually, The Daily Doodle is the reason this art exists, but I gotta stroke my ego every once in a while, don't I?  Anyway, enjoy...

Willy Wonka.  Candy maker, inventor, businessman, masochist?  Given the track record of his guests, you can make a pretty good argument that he is!  Still, character flaws aside, I will always love this tale.  From the book to both films, it's always made me happy!  A couple years ago, The Daily Doodle did a whole week devoted to the book, so it didn't take much prodding to get me on board.  Just hope y'all find the art to be very "Sweet" this month!

And now, it's time to take a look at this year's Comic Con!  Like I said earlier, it was an insane week!  Between the nonstop walking and the 90 degree weather, I may've sweated off ten pounds that week!  Still, I had an amazing time and saw a lot of great Cosplay!  So sit back and enjoy the show...

Sexy Dark Helmet.  Was bound to happen someday! 

 Sofia the First cosplay, which may very well be a first for Comic Con!

Zootopia!  That little bunny girl was so adorable! 

Tyrone Biggums!  Best cosplay of the Con!  Felt so bad for this dude though.  It was SOOOOO friggin' hot in San Diego that week! 

Mama Fratelli and Sloth!  Nice to see these too finally bonding! 

 Some pretty cool freebies at the Con this year!  Entertainment Weekly hosted Con X daily for free!  It was a bit of a walk, but well worth it!  They gave away some great swag and it wasn't packed at all!  At least when we went it wasn't.  As we left, the crowds started showing up in mass!

That sort of thing is his bag, baby! 

Honey, I cosplayed at Comic Con! 

Jareth brought a little "Dance Magic" to the Con!  Oddly enough, he was one of only three Goblin Kings that I saw.  I figured there'd be a lot of Bowie cosplay this year. 

Ash's Fun House from the Ash vs. the Evil Dead series.  This was done at the Petco Park Interactive Zone which, admittedly, was a bit of a letdown this year.  Still, the Evil Dead experience was fun and scared the hell out of a few people! 

"Matt" wasn't fooling anyone at this year's Con! 


Some MST3K diehards made it out of Deep 13 for a day of fun in the Gaslamp Quarter! 

Quite a bit of Big Trouble in Little China cosplay this year.  Given it's the film's 30th anniversary, shouldn't be too surprising.  And you can't see it, but there's a mulletted baby in that big rig stroller! 

Mr. B Natural made it to the MST3K autograph signing!  Was awesome meeting Joel again and the new cast!  Can't wait to see what movies get the ax this time! 

HEIFER!!!  That costume was a hoot!

Lando still plugs Colt! 

Ghost with the most babe!  And the Receptionist has joined in on the fun! 

McThor!  Now all he needs is a Grimace Hulk, an Iron Mac and a Captain Ameri-Jack! 

Very cute cosplay family here.  What a nice way to bond.

And so ends the Comic Con experience for another year.  Didn't get to see many panels this year and dealt with some pretty gnarly blisters on my feet the whole time, but I made it through.  What can I say  I'm a trooper!  I'll just have to work harder to make next year's show even better!

Anyway, that's all for this week.  I hope y'all liked the Comic Con pics.  Things get back to normal next week as Roald Dahl month continues with some "Heavy" laughs!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


And we're back!  You're no doubt saying "Hold on Jon!  Shouldn't you be talking about Comic Con 2016?"  Well, as you all know by now, I queue these posts up weeks in advance, so as of right now, SDCC 2016 hasn't even happened yet!  It could've been totally awesome or completely sucked.  I just don't know yet!  But, until next week rolls around, I can tie y'all over with a run down of last year's show.  That's not so bad, right?  But first, some art!  Enjoy...

He speaks for the trees!  This Lorax art concludes Kid Lit month with a fun nod to Dr. Seuss!  My brother actually met him when he was very young!  Had a lot of fun drawing this one.  Dr. Seuss  should've been a cartoonist.  He would've totally killed it at MAD Magazine!

And now, our look back at last year's Comic Con!  Enjoy...

My niece, Kristen, meets Steven Universe!  I actually ran into this guy months later at San Diego Comic Fest!  He was a very nice dude!  He's helped set up a few local shows in San Diego as it turns out!

Hero Corgis!  My pal Joie would squeal with joy if she saw these fuzzies in person! 

Even the trolley's are a blast during Comic Con! 

It takes a real man to wear high heels! 

A lotta fun to be had at the FREE Petco Park Interactive Zone, like this impromptu cosplay contest with some pretty good costumes! 

The INSANE march from Hall H to the Pop's Site where those lucky enough to get into the Star Wars panel were treated to an exclusive concert by the San Diego Symphony!  I watched it from the steps behind the convention center!

The Adult Swim Carnival!  Another great freebie if you didn't have passes! 

The Xbox Lounge!  Some truly cool things were in store for us that year!  Most fun was the Mortal Kombat X tournaments which pitted players at the lounge not only against each other, but against players from around the country as well, all on stage!  And to think of all the riots the original game caused at my local arcade! 



Thor takes some much needed advice about improving his relationship with Loki from Master Splinter. 

The Scream Queens drop ride at the Petco Park Interactive Zone!  Me and the kids went on it and did in fact scream!  Even funnier, this ride was at the San Diego County Fair not even a week earlier!

So much for not having any strings to hold him down! 

I think we're in BIG trouble here! 

Good thing this guy was here!  The exhibit hall was a real mess by the time Comic Con ended!

And there you have it!  Another fun year at Comic Con in 2015!  That show was a bit of a milestone for me.  After 13 years as a stagehand, I finally got to set up the LED wall for the Lucasfilm booth!  Was a huge deal for me and I still get misty-eyed thinking about it!

Well folks, that's all she wrote for the month of July!  I'll be back next time with a full report on Comic Con 2016 and to kick off Roald Dahl month with new art saluting one of my favorite books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Monday, July 18, 2016


We've come to it at last!  After more than a year of waiting, San Diego Comic Con International is finally here!  Even Mike and Mindy came out of cartoon retirement to get in on the action for a weekend!  So much excitement!  So much to do!  So much to remember!  So much to see!  Like this wraparound ad for Legends on the Marriott Marquis next to the convention center in the below pic!

Honestly don't know if this show was any good, but it certainly got a lot of press, and new wraparounds are already popping up downtown!  They waste no time at all these days!

Okay, I know we are all excited, but I do have some new art to show… In addition to the Mike and Mindy art at the top of the page!  So let's dive in, shall we?  Enjoy...

This week, Pippi Longstocking gets the CRAZY treatment!  For over a century now, this pigtailed tyke has fueled young imaginations around the world, inspiring many to set out on their own adventures.  Not exactly a very positive role model in this day and age, but she came from a much different time when it was alright for a kid to go exploring.  You know, before someone invented video games!  Hopefully I did Pippi some justice in this art.

Okay, now it's time for the main event!  We set the Wayback Machine to July of 2014 for what was one of my favorite years at Comic Con!  It was hard deciding on pics for this post, I just had so many I wanted to share!  But I cut it down to a select few that I hope y'all will enjoy!  And now, on with the show...

In what has now becoming a Comic Con tradition, the Sharknado crew takes over the Gaslamp Quarter!  That year saw the second film get the swag machine rolling.

 POWDERED… TOAST… MAN!!! MAN!!! MAN!!! MAN!!!  This dude clearly does his sit-ups!

This may be one of my all-time favorite cosplay groups!  These guys and gals totally nailed the Disney Villains!  Love the baby as Smee!  Just classic!  Oddly enough, people had a tough time figuring out the hunter.  Here's a hint if your stuck: The movie's title rhymes with "Lambi!"

Another priceless cosplay moment: Gallery Joker and Bob the Goon!  And yes, he was blasting Prince's Party Man in the background.  If you're gonna cosplay at any con, you gotta own it! 

Don't even remember what this was promoting, but it scared the hell out of a lotta people cruising the Gaslamp! 

NBC has taken over Tin Fish Square for a better part of the last five years, but its a nice event for those who couldn't get passes to score some swag and see some pretty cool previews.  The monster in the center wasn't even part of it!  Some dude just built it and was walking around in it!

The FX/Simpsons Zone at the Hilton Park across the street.  The games were pretty fun, but the Homer Dome was a total bust.  We waited almost three hours to get in.  And when we did, it was merely ten minutes of highlights from seasons 3-8 of The Simpsons, or as we fans call it, "The good years."

The notoriously infamous Hall H line!  Abandon hope all ye who enter!

D23 set up a pretty cool gaming lounge for D23 Members, so I took my nephew, who's a gamer and loved Disney Infinity.  Honestly don't know why Disney shut Infinity down.  Its sales were strong and had an insanely devout fanbase.  I guess some things just aren't meant to be for very long.

Meanwhile, Skylanders is doing pretty well for itself!  Between the exhibit hall, the Xbox Lounge, the Nintendo Lounge and the Petco Park Interactive Zone, they had a LOT of coverage!  It's easy to see why these guys are numero uno in the toy-to-game genre. 

Definitely see some interesting people while strolling around outside the convention center! 

Wow.  Didn't think it was possible to out-creepy Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles, but these guys pulled it off!  And if you're reading this Mr. Bay, THAT'S HOW CASEY JONES IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK!!! 

I'm a pretty nice dude in general, but I do tend to let absolute power go to my head! 

If only this were true... 

Just outside the Xbox Lounge, some very interesting artifacts were put on display.  You see, a few years back, some filmmakers went out to the deserts of New Mexico and dug up the fabled E.T. The Video Game cartridges as part of a documentary (Which I really need to see!).  For those not in the know, this game was beyond horrible and due to a severe miscalculation in actual demand for it, Atari overproduced and helped cause a severe crash in the video game market that nearly destroyed gaming altogether!  Yup, that tattered piece of plastic in the pic above almost prevented Mario, Sonic, Halo and Madden from ever happening!  Thank God Nintendo had a trick up its sleeve!  And yes I know Mario existed before!

And so wraps up our look back at Comic Con 2014!  A stellar year at the show with one of the highlight's being Sting finally making his WWE debut!  Glad I saw that one in person because it truly was an honor!  Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time.

Before we close out, we got one last bit of info before signing off!  What info you say?  Why, the annual Comic Con Web Comic Meet Up of course!

Yup!  We are back for our fourth straight year and this time we're going tropical!  We'll be crashing the pool-side bar at the Marriott Marquis right next door to the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday, July 21, 2016!  It's a come/leave as you please sort of deal, so come if you can!  Big thanks to cartoonist Jimmy Purcell for getting the ball rolling again!  For more detailed info, check out Jimmy's Facebook page here!

Well folks, that's all for this week.  We'll be back next time with some more art and a look back at Comic Con 2015!  For those of you going, have a fun, safe and fulfilling Comic Con.  Be sure to drink plenty of water, wear comfortable shoes and regularly use deodorant, can't stress that last one enough!  And please be courteous to others.  With so many under one roof during the hottest days of summer, it's easy for tempers to flare.  But if we all just keep calm and patient, there's no reason we can't all have a great time!  And don't forget, there are PLENTY of fun and free events going on just outside the convention center!  So check it out!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!