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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well folks, another Comic Con has come and gone, and boy was it insane this year. I didn't really get into a whole lot of panels, but I did get to see the Danny Elfman panel (I guess I owe a debt of gratitude to TRON: Legacy for luring everybody to Hall H for that one). I won't bore you guys with all the details. I figure it's best to let the pictures do the talking. Still, it was a great show, save for the dude who got stabbed in Hall H, and I can't wait until next year. I already got my ticket!

Anyway, enjoy the pics, and I'll be back next week with a huge comics update, as well as a rundown of how the first AFTERCON Art Show went. Y'all take care now!

Trolly signs, in KLINGON!

Robot Chicken's Seth Green. This dude is really tiny in real life!

Cobra Commander, the new God of Thunder.


The totally awesome HUB Experience at the Marriott. This thing was really cool and open to everybody, badge or no badge! The Hilton had a similar deal featuring Clash of the Titans swag.

The Scott Pilgrim ad. I watched them put this up the week before, and I think it's still there now.


The Ecto-1 makes its rounds through Downtown San Diego.

In case you ever wondered just how massive this thing is, here you go. And this is only two halls!

Hey! Itsa Mario!

Straight outa Endor: Pimp Boba Fett and Pimp Vader.

Jack Sparrow: "Sheesh Princess! That's not very ladylike!"

So exactly what do you get when guzzle down sweets?

Check it out, they finally got off the island.

Beastman and female Skeletor!

Casey Jones, a Foot Soldier and April O'Neal find common ground at Comic Con.

Hangin' out with the King, Jerry Lawler.

The Killing Joke (A great Batman story kids).

Blanca terrorizes the Gaslamp Quarter.

Muppeteer Karen Prell performing Red Fraggle at the Hub. She was a very kind and sweet lady.

Andre the Giant! Back from the dead and in the mood for some of those awesome Legends Series figures that Mattel just released. Big props to Mattel for going with WCW-era Big Van Vader and AWA-era Road Warriors for the first wave. They also have Jake the Snake Roberts with the cobras instead of Damien!

The robot from Red Faction. People could actually climb inside of this thing!

The scene outside of Hall H, moments after a man was stabbed in the face with a pen by a disgruntled Harry Potter fan (and no, I am not making that up) over a seating dispute.

Apparently, Lord Jiraiya was powerless to stop it. Perhaps he summoned the wrong toads?

I can't say I agree with this guy, but it's still a pretty funny shirt.

Dave's not here man! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Screw Cobra Commander, Oscar the Grouch is the new God of Thunder!

The G.I. Joe/Cobra faction is always well represented at the Con. These guys get major props for going with Cobra Commander/v.3 and adding Sgt. Slaughter to the mix. On a side note, my friends and I often refer this version of Cobra Commander as "Mighty Morphin Cobra Commander". Yeah, we're nerds. Deal with it!

Pirates and Fraggles. Only at Comic Con.

What the? Why it's Rerturn to Oz! On Laserdisk! Seriously though, this is a very underrated film, in my humble opinion of course.

The exhibit hall as things begin to wind down on Sunday afternoon.

One last look at the lobby outside of Hall G.

That's all for now folks. See ya next week!

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