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Wednesday, December 27, 2023


It's that time again folks.  Christmas may be over, but there's still enough of that residual happiness to keep us through to New Year's Day at least.  Obviously, 2023 was a bit of a mixed bag for most of us, as Mike and Mindy are so cheekily demonstrating.  It certainly wasn't a highlight year for me.  Quite few downs actually.  But like I told my doctor over a decade ago when I had a near lethal bout with pneumonia: I'm too damn stubborn to quit!  We made it through and have a fresh start come Monday.  So let's all pledge to make 2024 a good year full of happiness and healing.  Seriously, I turn 40 in April.  I gotta have SOMETHING other than that to look forward to! 

And that's a wrap on December and 2023!  January's gonna be a fun month folks as our annual Fight Against Inflation returns with more art over-pumped with hilarity!  It's also the 10th Anniversary of Bubble Fox, so be sure to come back and learn all about the celebration of the CRAZIEST Fox in comics!  Until next time, take care and please be safe on New Year's Eve.  Be smart with how you celebrate.  Alcohol and firearms are a very bad mix and we all wanna go far into the new year.  Until then, I'll catch y'all later and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 20, 2023



T'was the post before Christmas and all through the house
Only one CRAZY was stirring as he tried to catch a mouse!
His cat lay calm atop the cable box with ease
While his disheveled master chased a rodent with no aim to please!

True story folks, a few weeks ago a little mouse got into my home and was literally coming out into the open with not a care in the world while my cat just looked at him like "That's not a moth or a lizard, so it ain't my concern!"  Lazy furry bastard!  Before anyone worries, I did manage to catch the mouse, after it walked RIGHT up to me, and I set him loose in a field miles away from my home.  Hopefully he's happily living with his rabbit and gopher friends!

Gonna try to keep things short today folks.  We're days away from Santa's arrival and I'm knee deep in cookie dough with deliveries to make!  Hope y'all like this year's Christmas art.  Used colored pencils and though I like how it came out, one shade of blue just isn't working for me.  I'll just have to try harder next time.  Anyway, enjoy...

Even I like to get toony from time to time, though in reality, I actually don't like eggnog or alcohol for that matter.  When I was little, I mistook eggnog for milk and never got over it!  As far as alcohol's concerned, it's not a straight-edge or moral thing.  I simply never developed a taste for it.  I have relatives that think there's something wrong with me because I've never been drunk before.  Guess I'll just have to take their word for it.

And so we've reached another Christmas my CRAZIES.  Next week, we'll be back to bring up the rear of 2023 and make sure that 2024 won't be the butt of the joke, so be sure to come back and see what's cooking!  As we approach Christmas Day, there is still time to help those in need!  Please help others by donating to food, clothing and toy drives not only this holiday season, but all year long.  It really does not take much to help those less fortunate.  Anyway dear readers, please have a happy and SAFE holiday with your friends and loved ones.  Until next time, I'll catch y'all later and merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 13, 2023


We are back CRAZIES and halfway to Christmas already!  Time really does fly doesn't it?  By the time this posts, I'll have just finished an insane run at work and will be hopefully gearing up for my annual Knott's Berry Farm Christmas trip!  Longtime readers know that I am HUGE theme park fan!  Living in Southern California certainly helps as there's quite a few to choose from between San Diego and Los Angeles.  Knott's was among the first theme parks ever and has such a unique history to it as it happened all organically as opposed to being planned.  It's always a fun time there, but Christmas time at Knott's is especially something else.  It's like stepping into Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas!  But that's a tale for another day.  Y'all came to look at art, and I got some!  Enjoy...

This kids is why your mom always wants you wearing cleaning underwear.  You never know WHAT circumstance might pop up.  Also, be careful when sledding.  Snow can really get deep!  This was another piece from my first foray into illo_advent back in 2016.  For those that don't know, illo-advent is simply an art-inspired Advent calendar where a new holiday-themed drawing is posted every day between December 1 and Christmas Day.  It can be a challenge for sure and in recent years, I've gone to having a theme to go along with it and it's helped immensely!  One of those themes even became my first picture book, Wendy's Christmas Chaos (Available on Amazon folks!) and will eventually result in another!  For those on BlueSky as well as what's left of Twitter, this year's theme is the Christmas Pageant Players, and it's been a LOT of fun so far! 

Well, another week down as we edge closer to Christmas, but don't fret!  Next week is a double dose of CRAZY to make sure we head into the holiday weekend properly!  Also, Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate as tomorrow's the last night!  Save some latkes and jelly donuts for me!  And remember dear readers to please think of others this holiday season.  Many are in need, so please help by donating to food, clothing and toy drives if you can.  It does not take much to help those less fortunate.  Until next time, take care3, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Welcome to December CRAZIES!!!  The Holiday Season is in full swing and we are as busy as Santa's elves here at the CRAZYVERSE!!!  I'm not kidding, this is usually our slow period at the day job, but since coming back from the pandemic, we've been busier than ever at the Convention Center and surrounding hotels!  It doesn't leave much time for holiday fun, but does ease the stress of worrying about paying for things, that's for sure!  But enough about that!  Y'all want art, and I got some!  It's not my best, but it's still here!  Enjoy...

Traveling back to 2016, and my first attempt at illo_advent, I give you this humble Christmas tree!  It's not my best art by any means and if I had to guess, I probably scribbled this right before bed on a work night.  That will typically be the case with my art collective pieces.  If it's VERY simple in appearance, it's because I didn't have much time to work on it.  In that same vein though, some of my most popular pieces have been among my most simple, while the stuff I really put effort in fell by the wayside.  Eye of the beholder I suppose.

And that's all for this first Wednesday in December, but fear not!  We'll be back next week with some seasonal art that will keep those cheeks rosy for sure!  I would also like to wish a Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate and remind my friends and readers of all faiths that this is the season to give, so please help others and donate to food, clothing and toy drives this holiday season.  It does not take much to help those less fortunate.  Until next time, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!