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Wednesday, March 25, 2020


 WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  IT'S COMING!!!  IT'S COMING!!!  WONDERCON IS COMING!!!  Alright, I know, I gotta calm down.  But it's hard to do I'm so excited!  We are roughly two weeks away from WonderCon 2020. A most spectacular show just an hour and a half up the road in Anaheim, I got my tickets and will be celebrating this awesome event this final week of March and ALL of April, even though it's in the middle of the month, but hey, scheduling is everything in blogging!

As is always the case, we'll be celebrating the coming con with a look back at cons from year's past.  Today, we're going back to 2014.  We know the location, we know the year, we just need the pics.  Hold on to your Batman Underoos kids, because all systems are go!  Enjoy...

Outside of the con, these two are bitter enemies.  But when the show's going on, everybody gets along just fine! 

You can always count on April to deliver the news when she's not washing cars! 

The Witch King tries to keep Frodo on a short leash.  It's easy for a hobbit to get lost in the crowd! 

Wouldn't be much of a con without some Harley Quinn cosplay.  I doubt Birds of Prey's box office gross will scare anyone off from trying. 

Vegeta's showing off his stylish moo-stache!

It's Wacky Inflatable Waving Arms Salesman!  He did a great job of directing us towards the food trucks outside!

Galadriel and Gandalf take a bit of time away from the quest to Mordor to take in the sights and sounds of WonderCon!

For being such a panned movie, Batman Forever sure does inspire a lot of cosplay.  Oh yeah, Harley Sighting #2!

And Harley Sighting #3!  If they made a drinking game out of Harley Quinn sightings at a comic con, the results wouldn't be very pretty!

Well, well, well!  April O'Neal giving Harley Quinn a little bit of a run for her money here! 

Until 2014, I'd never seen Yoko Ono cosplay before.  Guess I can cross that off the bucket list! 

The Force was strong with this bunch! 

Well, she may be gone from the ride, but the Red Head from the Pirates of the Caribbean Wench Auction still roams the aisles at WonderCon!

We end things today with a crossover of epic proportions!  There are many changes that occur when the original Japanese footage is edited down into the American Power Rangers.  The producers here didn't think the storyline where they fight Gumby and Pokey would play well stateside!

And that was WonderCon 2014.  Not one of my better shows.  I did very poorly in sales and just couldn't catch any breaks that year.  My rash of last minute sketch card sales were about the only saving grace.  Sadly, we need ass beatings like that from time to time to wake us up.  I certainly learned something from it!  Despite all that, I still had some fun and even made a few new friends.  This is definitely the end of the line for pics from this year as I'm just about out!  Between 2012-2015 I tabled at WonderCon and didn't get to walk around much, hence the reason I've never had too many pics from those years.  If anything, I might do a potpourri post next year with leftover photos.  It all depends on when WonderCon happens in 2021.

And that's a wrap on the month of March and the first Week of the WonderCon Countdown!  It's more of the same next week, so be sure to come back and get a heaping helping of fun!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Almost through March CRAZIES and boy, has it been a wild one.  The CRAZYVERSE ain't shut down though.  We are gonna continue to go strong rain or shine, because happiness is what everybody needs most right now, and what's happier than fan art, am I right?

As you may recall dear readers, last month marked the 10th anniversary of my very first comic creation, Mike & Mindy.  'Twas a whole month of mirth and merriment that saw a whole lotta guest comic love come in from pals from all over the web comic realm!  Well a few more pals from the world of web comics and illustration decided they wanted to have a little bit of fun with the Buoyant Brats too, so here they are in full color glory: Mike & Mindy fan art!  Enjoy...

Will Wright (Twitter: @WillWri) 

Garnet Lynne (Twitter: @GarnetLynne) 

David Buist (Twitter: @david_buist) 

Rachael & Phillippa (Twitter: @pipandrach) 

Jean Okada (Twitter: @JeanOkada) 

Andrew Fraser (Twitter: @cartoonsidrew) 

Torben Christensen (Twitter: @Torbentegner) 

Lisa Poggioli (Twitter: caseybella3) 

Joaquin Orellana (Twitter: @JuacoProdX) 

Mr. oBen (Twitter: @OddBirdsComics) 

Jackie (Twitter: @jmieldesigns) 

Janet Gamble (Twitter: @GetADogsLife1)

Alana Zabrina (Twitter: @AlanaZabrina) 

As you can see, quite the variety here from an amazing group of artists!  Thanks again dear pals for helping me celebrate Mike and Mindy's big celebration!  Y'all made it that much better!  Be sure to give these talented folks a look CRAZIES!  Their Twitter handles are included and they're all happy to talk art!

Anyway, that's all for now!  Next week, we kickoff our countdown to WonderCon 2020!!!  Well, recent events have kinda put that in limbo now, but tradition is tradition, and the show must go on, even in blog form, so be sure to come back next week!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


We are back and Marching further into March!  Spring isn't officially here yet, but rapidly arriving.  'Course, when you live in San Diego, most days are typically spring-like throughout the year.  But enough about that.  Today's the day we meet a long lost CRAZY character!  Who is it you ask?  Well, scroll down and see for yourself!  Enjoy...

The Loaf Oaf!  Funny, fuzzy and colorful.  What more can be said about him?  Well, a little bit actually!  A while back, some pals and I on Twitter were goofing around with some word play and rhymes in our tweets when Zombie Boy creator Mark Stokes decided to join in.  I can't recall exactly what lead to him saying it, but he mentioned a character named the "Loaf Oaf."  We all had a good laugh over it as I replied that the "Loaf Oaf" sounded like a character name out of a 70's Hanna-Barbera cartoon!  Mark had a big laugh over it too and said he wanted to see the Loaf Oaf, so I drew him!  Leave it to Mark to come up with a hilarious character on the spot, though I'm not sure if even he pictured the Loaf Oaf as a dog!  Originally a Twitter exclusive, he's now been cleaned up and polished for the blog!  I don't recall having a backstory for him other than he's a fat, dumb, clumsy dog that loves sandwiches, hence the name, "Loaf Oaf."  Perhaps one day he'll make his way to Bubble Fox.  Being a dog and all, he's a good candidate!

And that's it for this week!  We'll be back next time with a fun posting highlighting some wonderful art that was gifted to me recently!  So hopefully y'all will come back and give it a look.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Welcome to March!  Can you believe we are already two months into 2020?  Time flies but it's flying into a time of year I can't help but get excited for: CON SEASON!!!  Many big shows start kicking off right around this month along with a host of smaller cons popping up around the big ones for good measure!  I'll be heading to one myself this weekend, but more on that later.  We have also entered the Season of the Boysenberry!  Knott's Berry Farm celebrates 100 years of operating this year and a big part of that celebration will no doubt be the annual Boysenberry Festival that is always among the highlights of my year!  The food, the atmosphere, the fact that it's an Orange County-based theme park that doesn't involve taking out a loan against my home just to go and you can see why I and so many others love going to this Southern California gem!  Needless to say, a trip to Knott's will be part of my WonderCon experience next month!

That was a bit of a long intro there, but it is a new month, so it seemed appropriate.  Having said all that, how's about we just cut to the chase and jump into the art, shall we?  Enjoy...

The famed Jackalope, a rare mythical creature whose origins actually trace back to the American west!  It's basically a rabbit with antlers, so, no turning to stone if you see one or wish granting if you catch one.  In fact, there's nothing truly remarkable about them, though if America's Funniest People is to be believed, Jackalopes more or less run around wearing dated early-90's clothes and messing with stereotypical TV bullies.  Only Uncle Joey knows for sure.  This particular piece of art has some significance for me as it was done for Animal Alphabets after they asked me to draw the theme for the letter J that week, which just happened to be a Jackalope!  That round was all mythical creatures, and there were very few that started with J.  Luckily someone, possibly even me, remembered this furry scamp, and the rest is history!

Hey!  Did I mention that I'll be at a con this weekend?  I did?  In the first paragraph?  I never fully explained it?  Well, I'll take care of that now!  This weekend, March 6-8, I'll be hawking my wares again at the San Diego Comic Fest up at the Sheraton Four Points!  You can find me in Artist's Alley where my books, prints and sketch cards will all be looking for good homes!  It's a small but fun show that has some really cool panels and discussions scheduled and quite a few big name artists in attendance!  It's also a very affordable experience and won't sell out in a matter of seconds like some other shows.  So be sure to stop by, say hello and take a CRAZY book or card home with you!  I'll see you there!

That's all for today folks.  We'll be back next week for a bit of inspired art that all came about from some silly word play.  It'll be a good time for all, so be sure to come back!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!