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Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Well, we've come to the end of another one.  2021 certainly got off to a very rough start, and there were some very rough times that occurred all throughout.  But compared to where we were at this time last year, I think we are heading in a better direction.  Vaccines exist, variants are being contained and life is starting to return to some form of normal.  We all have the power to make this better.  I will continue to do the best I can at being part of the solution and hope that these improvements will continue.  In the past five months, I've returned to work and am making more than I ever have per month, returned to theme parks and comic cons and have even learned new artistic abilities and skills that are really upping my cartooning game.  It's a good start and in 2022, I'd like to keep that going.  I hope y'all will continue to join me for these adventures and that we can all have some fun together.  So here's to 2022 and the hope it brings.

That's a wrap on December and 2021.  Come back next week as we kickoff the future right with a look at Comic Con Special Edition.  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all in 2022!  Happy New Year CRAZIES!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021


We have reached it at last!  CHRISTMAS!!!  Well, in a few days at least as today is the 22nd, and Saturday is the 25th, but do any of you honestly care?  We're so darn close now we can practically taste those roasting chestnuts they're always singing about!

My tree is up and trimmed and hopefully has been spared from any kitty exploration (Harry's actually pretty good about Christmas trees as opposed to when he was a kitten).  It's a busy week for all, especially with so many of us actually being able to gather again.  So how's about we skip the small talk and go straight to the art, sound good?  Enjoy...

Uh oh!  Look out!  It's a greasy dude in a green leotard and doctored pilot's helmet holding a Wham-O Air Blaster!  Actually, it's just Voldar from the cult classic Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.  A long time staple of the public domain, this "gem," and that's a term I use VERY loosely here, got a second lease life in 1991 when the crew from Mystery Science Theater 3000 got ahold of it and went to town!  It would eventually become among the series' benchmark episodes and to this day is often included in many fans' holiday viewing schedules, which is good because this polished turd is practically unwatchable WITHOUT the added commentary!

That's all I got for this week.  Be sure to come back next time as we close out the month, and the year, with some simple art and a message of hope!  As Christmas is still a few days away, I would again like to remind all of you to please help others.  Donate food, donate clothes and toys, drop some spare change in the Salvation Army bucket, every little bit helps!  As the song says "Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand, put a little love in your heart!"  The world really can be a better place if we just try.  Until next time, take care, stay safe and Merry Christmas.  I'll catch y'all later.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021


We are back!  Little over a week to go before the big man himself makes his famous run!  No you goofs, not Kevin Nash, Santa Claus!  How many stories do you know of Santa blowing his knee out while taking a step?  Exactly!  As we all patiently wait for Christmas to arrive, there is plenty to see and do, all while STILL be cautious and safe!  Things have improved a lot since last December and we need to do our best to keep that momentum heading in the right direction.  But since you're looking at this page right now, chances are you're not out and about, so I may as well make it worth clicking the link!  Scroll down and enjoy...

Poor Sap.  The product of a well-meaning but VERY overprotective mother, this bundled marsupial often doesn't get to enjoy the festivities of season as much as his friends do as he simply can't move!  Still, at least hypothermia and pneumonia won't be any threat to him.  Now if only his outfit had a built-in bathroom!  This piece again comes from my first Illo_Advent attempt on Twitter.  I often try to keep these daily art challenges simple as there are time that I might have work and thus not much time to draw.  Last year, obviously, that wasn't much of a problem.  But still, drawing everyday with the intent of posting can be a chore, and I'd rather have fun drawing something simple and silly rather than rip my hair out trying to create a masterpiece.

And that's all she wrote for now.  Next week's the big Christmas post, so be sure to come back and get your virtual gift!  Until then, take care, stay safe and please donate toys, food and clothing to those in need this season.  It honestly doesn't take much to make somebody's holiday happen for them.  Catch y'all later!

Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Welcome back CRAZIES!!!  The march to Christmas is on!  Have you started your shopping yet?  I actually haven't yet!  Usually I would've been halfway done by now, but a little thing called Comic Con Special Edition occurred Thanksgiving weekend and kept me a bit preoccupied at a time when deals were gonna be at their best.  Yeah, I let bargain prices slip away, but it was totally worth it!  CCSE was a blast and I promise I'll have a full review of it up in January!  But for now, we're sticking with the holidays!  I know y'all are itching to see some new art, and I just happen to have some!  So quit scratching and start scrolling!  Enjoy...

The dreaded wool Christmas sweater.  Itchy as all get out and uglier than a baboon's ass as my beloved Nana used to say, it seems that no kid can truly escape them.  Little Wendy here discovers firsthand just how nasty these inanimate beasts really are.  It's like the sheep's revenge for shanking its fur!  Today's art, along with most of the art this month, comes from my first foray into Illo_Advent, a Twitter art collective that challenges artists from all over to make a Christmas or holiday themed drawing every day in December leading into Christmas Day itself.  Some years have been easier to do than others.  One theme even led to my first, and only so far, picture book!  As of this typing, I don't know what I'm gonna do yet, but I'm confident I'll come up with something!

That's all for today.  Be sure to come back next week for some laughs that have been stuffed to the brim!  Until then, take care, stay safe and please think of others this holiday season.  Toy, food and clothing drives are all in full swing and need help, so please do what you can!  Catch y'all later!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Welcome to December CRAZIES!!!  Last month of the year and among the most festive times of the year!  Christmas is certainly looking more traditional this year than last, and will hopefully stay that way!  I'd like to say that Comic Con Special Edition was totally badass, but as of this writing, it hasn't happened yet!  It will certainly be different, but I'm confident it was an awesome time and I promise pics WILL be coming in January, meaning my blog will finally get noticed again!  But enough about that.  We're in full Holiday mode here at the CRAZYVERSE and are kicking things off right with some really gross art!  Enjoy...

Kids usually want the moon and then some for Christmas.  Quite a few are privileged enough to have their every whim catered to even.  But regardless of societal status, few kids ever truly think their gift list through, like the little girl who pined for a hippopotamus for Christmas.  Sure, it would be cool to have one as a pet...  Until you have to clean up after it!  You think scooping dog poo is degrading?  You're really gonna turn red after your friends see you shoveling hippo crap into a wheelbarrow!  Yeah, I think I'll stick to smaller, more legally attainable pets from here on out.

Week one of December is down!  What does next week hold?  You'll have to come back and see for yourself!  But I promise it'll be fun!  As always at this time of year, please think of others and help out those in need.  Donate today if you can!  Until next time, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!