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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


 And we're back!  I think.  Comic Con 2017 was last week but as of this writing hasn't actually happened yet.  So this is Past Jon writing as Future Jon while Present Jon still eagerly waits for the show!  Except, if this is actually today, Past Jon IS Present Jon and now Future Jon eagerly awaits Long Beach Con!  Christ is this getting confusing!  Let's just jump into the pics and agree that these posts were all written in advance, sound good?

Time to dive into Comic Con 2016!  Enjoy...

Lot's of old school Nickelodeon nostalgia was going on at the 2016 con!  Double Dare was every kid's dream once upon a time.  Not sure why being covered in pies and slime is so appealing to us as kids.  I guess the idea of being messy just has its own merit somehow!

If there's one thing I love, it's MST3K cosplay!

 Ms. Frizzle!  The world's most dangerous teacher!

If a bum pees in the street, it's lewd conduct.  When Santa Claus does it, it's "Magical."  No one is above the law dammit!  Santa's on the Naughty List now!

The Nerdist Camp Conival at Petco Park was an awesome free event!  It had games, swag and panels for ALL to enjoy!

It was one and done for Entertainment Weekly's ConX in 2016.  It was a pretty fun set up, but sadly was just too far away from all the other con happenings to entice people to make the trip.  Still, for one glorious year, it happened!

Escalators at SDCC can be a pretty interesting ride!

Anastasia cosplay!  This may be a first!

San Diego is ALWAYS classy!
Maybe DC should've had these guys play the Suicide Squad.  They were WAY more believable!

Hello there children!

An areal view of the FX Zone at Hilton Park!  Always a lotta fun to be had there!

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew was frantically looking for all the pieces that make up Beaker! Apparently, there was an accident at Muppet Labs!

And now, since it's Spaceballs' 30th anniversary, here's desert Dark Helmet!  He had people combing the exhibit hall!

And that was Comic Con 2016.  It was a tough show for me.  I got a blister on my foot the first day that only got worse as the days went on.  Still, I marched on and made the most of it.  Saw almost everything and walked away with some awesome books!  I'll call that a win!

And that's all for July!  Hope you enjoyed all the Comic Con madness!  We got one week left, and what better way to close things out than with a look at THIS year's show?  So be sure to come back next time!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Monday, July 17, 2017


IT'S HERE!!! COMIC CON 2017 IS A GO!!!  So make like Bubble Fox and Pepper and get down with your nerdy self!  So much to discuss today!  So much so, we're posting two days early even!  Figured any tips and info I have will be a lot more helpful prior to SDCC than the first day of it when most of you are gonna be too busy being at it to look at my silly little blog!  So right off the bat, the Web Comic Meet-Up!

As of this writing, still no word on a location, day or time.  Every year we've done it, it has been in the early evening hours of Thursday, so it'll likely continue this year as well.  Your best bet is to keep an eye out on my and Jimmy Purcell's Twitter handles (@JonsCrazyTweets and @beenbettercomic) for up-to-date info as we update there frequently!  Fear not though, we WILL have something this week!

And now, as we have the past six weeks, we delve into Comic Con's not too distant past for a fun look back at SDCC 2015!  I've also tried to throw in some helpful hints and tips (Highlighted with a bold TIP for convenience) for those of you going that will hopefully make the con a bit more fun and pleasant for you all!  There are a LOT of pics today since it's con week, so sit back, slip on a clean pair of Batman Underoos and put a coaster under your Code Red Mountain Dew!  It's time to go to the Con!  Enjoy...

I think it's a rule by this point that if you go to Comic Con, you have to get a pic of the iconic Con logo through the concrete support circles!

Tin Fish Square in the Gaslamp Quarter getting it's annual makeover for the NBC promotional blitz!

TIP: This is a FREE event!  No SDCC badges are necessary to enjoy this or even most of the events held in the Gaslamp Quarter during SDCC!  So go nuts!  Or as nuts as the law allows!

The Sharknado crew keepin' it real in the Gaslamp Quarter!  For four years now, they've turned Downtown San Diego into a feeding frenzy as swag hunters swarm all over them for free stuff, and this year looks no different!  If memory serves, this was the year they gave out foam hats!

TIP: PLEASE be courteous when collecting free swag at outdoor events.  Yes, it's free and yes, some of it is limited.  But is it really worth trampling a little girl or knocking a man in a wheelchair over just to get something you're likely gonna throw away as soon as you go home?

Kuzco is living large by the fan tables!

TIP: Many con goers tend to overlook the Mezzanine area on the old (North) side of the convention center.  If you're into table top gaming or even wanna learn more about local fan groups in Southern California, you might wanna take a stroll up the stairs out of the back of Hall B and take a gander!  The Star Wars fan groups in particular are always a lot of fun!

Jurassic Park cosplay was pretty big that year!  I love the movie, but it's an odd choice for cosplay!

Snoopy's Dog House at the Petco Park Interactive Zone, where I learned the hard way that denim does not glide down an inflatable, vinyl slide very smoothly.

TIP: This one's another freebie that DOESN'T require SDCC badges!  Lots of cool stuff goes on in this zone and it's super easy to get to!  Just cross the bridge across the street from Hall H over Harbor Drive and you're there!  Easy, no?  This is also a spot where plenty of food trucks happen to set up shop, so if you're looking for affordable food, you're in luck!

Plenty of awesome events happen at the Interactive Zone, like this impromptu cosplay contest!  I've long admired the skill and detail these kids put into their costumes.  Simply amazing!

TIP: If you're going to dress up at Comic Con, remember that it gets VERY hot in San Diego in July!  Water and lightweight materials are a must!

FLASH!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!  SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE!!!  It sounds much better when Queen sings it!

Here we see Jem exploring the IDW booth.  This kid was more faithful to the character than the actual movie was!

The always awesome Nerd HQ at the Children's Museum!  This truly was an awesome thing for people without badges to still have some con fun!  It was free for all, but for an extra $20, you could see exclusive panels!  Best of all, the proceeds went to Operation Smile, a most worthy cause!

 TIP: Barring a miracle, there will be no Nerd HQ this year.

Conan looms high above Comic Con at the Marriott Hotel as the FX Zone brings out the masses in the foreground!

TIP: This is another FREE event that requires no badges!  It is outdoors though and, as any local can tell you, it gets very hot here in San Diego.  So water and sunblock are a must as are good walking shoes.  Seriously!  Don't where sandals to Comic Con!  Your toes will appreciate it!

In the not to distant future, this lady made my day with some Mystery Science Theater 3000 cosplay!

Wow.  Jessica Rabbit needs to lay off the 'roids!

The notorious Battletoads!  One of the greatest, and hardest, video games ever!  It remains one of the true standouts of the NES era with many a gamer still doing battle with these toads to this very day!  This wound up being the final year of the Xbox Lounge at the Hyatt Hotel.  In 2016, they opted to sponsor the free Nerd HQ instead.

TIP: As of this writing, there is still no word on whether or not the Xbox Lounge will return in 2017 now that Nerd HQ is on hiatus.  With a new console coming out this Fall, and Nintendo already having a huge head start on them with the popular Switch console, I can't see Microsoft sitting still at one of the last big public forums to show off at before the holidays approach.  Stay tuned to social media for updates folks.  This one could get interesting!

 The Monster and the Bride!  What better place for these two lovebirds to honeymoon at than Comic Con?  Am I right?

The always great Nintendo Lounge!  Some of the coolest swag I've collected over the years has been at this place!  It was also a Pokemon hotbed last year!

TIP: The Nintendo Lounge HAS been confirmed for SDCC 2017 and, as always, is FREE to ANYONE, badge or not!  It can be found in the San Diego Ballroom on the second floor in the north tower of the Marriott Hotel, right next door to the Convention Center!  As such, with the Switch lighting up store shelves and the recent SNES Mini announcement, expect some pretty big crowds.

 Adam and Barbara were trying to scare everyone out of the exhibit hall, but they wound just becoming party favors!

This must be what happens when you feed them before midnight!

The Steven Universe crew!  Someone needs to be Greg!

And finally, what better way to end this week's post than with my niece Kristen petting some Hero Corgis?  Is there any dog better suited for such outfits?

And that was Comic Con 2015!  Lots of great moments that year!  Star Wars had the big concert at the Pops Site behind the Convention Center, Disney pissed off EVERYBODY by withholding Marvel film content and I learned that bees are jerks!  That's another long story that's better told than written though!  It was special for me though because I built the Lucasfilm booth, which for many local stagehands is a right of passage of sorts.  It was just an awesome thing!

And now, before I sign off, I offer you a few more tips and tricks for a wonderful time at SDCC:

TIP: Bring LOTS of water!  It gets very hot and staying hydrated really can save your life at the show!  Also, use sunblock!  You WILL be outdoors quite a bit!

TIP: Bring cash!  Although most booths can take credit cards now, it's not always very secure and you're likely safer using actual money!  Also, bring it in increments.  Set a daily budget!

TIP: Research early what big ticket purchases you'll want.  If it's con exclusive, limited edition or something that's wide release but never gonna come down in price, you're better off getting it that first day.  Conversely, many booths do offer great deals on Sunday, especially as closing time nears, because it's simply cheaper for them to get rid of stock as opposed to shipping it back.  Point is, keep an eye out!

TIP: Bring deodorant and/or body powder!  We are all in this together and smelling nice never hurts!  Further more, taking an hour out of your day to bathe every night isn't gonna kill you!  Hand sanitizer is also a must!  It's cheap and makes a HUGE difference.  Con Crud is one of the nastiest airborne illnesses out there.  Keeping clean goes a long ways to keeping from getting sick!

TIP: Speaking of airborne illnesses, stock up on vitamins and super foods!  Good hygiene + strong immune system = not getting sick at cons!

TIP: Many Downtown restaurants have deals for con goers, so be sure to have your badge with you when you eat out!

TIP: If you're gonna go to panels, you're gonna be in very close quarters with total strangers.  It can't be helped.  The sooner you accept the fact that you're gonna be sacrificing personal comfort for a chance to see an early peek at a movie, the easier your viewing will be!  And if someone's causing trouble, get a security guard!  No jerk's worth going to jail over!

TIP: Finally, take advantage of the trolley and hotel shuttles.  They all drop you off right in front of the Convention Center or close to it!

And that's all she wrote!  I do hope you enjoyed the pics and found my tips to be somewhat helpful.  We'll be back next time for a look at Comic Con 2016!  Until then, take care and have a fun, happy and SAFE time at Comic Con and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ONE WEEK TO GO!!! Okay Jon, just calm down.  Yes, Comic Con IS next week, but there's still much to do and prep for.  It's best to just calm down and take it easy and let these pics from Comic Con 2014 settle my mind.  See?  I can be calm and collect.  Sometimes.  On occasion.  Alright, I'm just struggling to keep the excitement in right now!  Can you blame me?  The big day(s) are almost here!  Still, I got a job to do and must fulfill my commitments to my CRAZY friends!  Perhaps some info on this year's Web Comic Meet-Up will settle us all down for a bit?

 That's right!  Jimmy Purcell from Been Better Comic and I will be at it again and invite ALL web comic creators and fans to come join us for our annual gathering at Comic Con 2017!  As of this writing, we're still looking at a location but will likely just crash a place nearby like last year!  In all likelihood, it probably will be early Thursday evening due to it usually not being so busy as far as Con events are concerned.  Hopefully more info will be available next week and for up-to-the-minute updates, simply keep an eye on our Twitter handles (@JonsCrazyTweets and @beenbettercomic), no following needed!

And now, on with the show!  It's 2014's time to shine again, so strap on some craft foam armor and prepare to have fun!  Enjoy...

 The Toxic Avenger!  Can't speak for everyone, but this was the first time I've ever seen anyone cosplay as him!  Always love seeing obscure character cosplay!

 WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!!!  It's Rick and... Velma?  Well, Time Warner owns both, so there's nothing legally stopping this crossover from ever actually happening!

 I'm curious.  Are there any Disney queens that AREN'T wicked?

 One of my idols, the great Tom Kenny!  I met him back in 2012 and he was just awesome!  Someday, I hope he'll get to voice some of the CRAZY characters!

 Bluntman and Chronic!  They missed most of Comic Con that year because they got high!

The Sharknado!  Never in my life have I ever seen a movie that thrived on being purposely bad!  If that ain't a great example of the American Dream, I don't know what is!  They also give out great swag in the Gaslamp Quarter!

The FX Zone with the Godzilla Experience in the background, just to the right of the Gotham Zipline!  I wouldn't have minded trying the zipline, despite my fear of heights, but the wait was well over eight hours everyday!  As far as the Godzilla Experience went, well...  It was better than the movie at least!

Wrestling cosplay is also something I love seeing because it's just so out of left field for a comic con!  Very few ever think to actually do it!

 I forget what game this was from, but it was quite a sight to see, especially at night when it was all lit up!  Scared quite a few Hyatt guests as they made their way up to the Xbox Lounge!

 He-Man and She-Ra!  Getting ready to save con goers from the religious zealots across the street!

 The Sin City experience over at the Petco Park Interactive Zone!  The sequel wasn't much to write home about, but the setup they had was pretty cool!  A bunch of classic cars were on display while a DJ spun some old school tunes!

 The Alien video game set up!  We all got to sit inside of the giant egg and play the game while a monitor outside displayed the gamer getting terrified by the game's visuals!  I had a slightly different experience.  People weren't laughing at my fear.  They were laughing at my setting the bar VERY low for other gamers!  I suck at video games.  There's just no way to lightly put it.  Because of that, I was literally missing all of the scary points because I just couldn't figure out the controls!  Sadly, this wasn't the first time I suffered video game embarrassment just to claim some swag!

 The Xbox Lounge during its second year at the Hyatt.  No word yet on whether or not it'll be back this year.  Last year, they opted to sponsor the Nerd HQ instead.  But with no Nerd HQ this year, and Nintendo killing it on Switch sales and having their own free lounge, I can't see Microsoft ducking out in a year where they themselves plan to launch a console towards the holidays.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

This is about as close as I get to cosplaying!  From 2012 to 2014, Cartoon Network hosted Adventure Time scavenger hunts that netted those who completed them free bronze medallions celebrating the different characters of the show!  The final year, Lumpy Space Princess got the honors and as such, I brought all my medals with me for a celebratory pic in Lumpy Space!  It was lumpin' awesome yo!  With AT ending soon, hopefully Cartoon Network will give us one last hunt!

And that was the splendor of Comic Con 2014!  It was big on a few fronts for me.  I was lucky enough to be at the WWE/Mattel panel when Sting made his first ever WWE appearance!  Talk about history making?  I'd waited for that for over 20 years!  And to actually be there when it happened!  I got bragging rights for life y'all!  Also made it into Hall H for presently the last time for the famed Warner Bros. panel!  It started with with a big surprise as the first footage of Batman Vs. Superman was revealed!  It was pretty funny to see all the geeks who'd been trolling the movie online suddenly go fanboy when Batman and Superman stared each other down in front of the Bat Signal.  They exploded further when Gal Godot was brought out and announced as Wonder Woman! (This was before anyone knew just how much they were planning to cram into the movie!)  The true highlight of this panel though was moderator Chris Hardwick trolling a troll who tried to troll director George Miller over Mad Max: Fury Road.  If you ever meet me in person, ask me about the story.  It's much more fun to tell than write!

Anyway, that's all for now.  Next week, we'll be back for Comic Con 2015 and a run down of some of the free events available for those who don't have passes but still wanna have some SDCC fun!  I also hope to have more info on the web comic meet-up and some tips for a more enjoyable con experience!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!