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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Comic Con 2014 was more than just CRAZY... It was off the hook!  So off the hook in fact, that I'm completely worn out from it!  If y'all can be kind enough to wait a week, I promise to deliver some awesome pics from the event along a new Mike And Mindy comic.  Think of it as a bonus for being such awesome pals!  In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek pic from the Electric Dreams Arcade that was set up to promote next Summer's Pixels (If it's anything like its premise, this could be a fun flick!)!

Ayhoo, take care folks, and I'll catch y'all next time!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


WOO HOO!!! COMIC CON IS HERE!!!  AWESOME!!!  I'll be all over the place this week, so the best way to get in touch really is through Twitter, although with that many people using smart phones in one place, don't expect too many updates.  (Last year, I couldn't get any kind of reception!)

But we're here for pics, so lets catch up with a return to last year's Comic Con!  2013, here we come...
 Chillin' with my bro Muscle Man!  The Regular Show Experience kicked ass!  In fact, almost everything in the Gaslamp Quarter that didn't require Con admission was better than the stuff on the inside of the exhibit hall!

 The 4th Doctor!  I swear you couldn't walk two steps without bumping into a Dr.Who!

 Masters of Marvel!

 Mr. Creepy!  Well, not really, but I can't remember who the dude said he was! (And no, he's NOT Death from Bill And Ted!)

This dude was bangerang!  (Yeah, I'm that old now!)

 Silent Bob!  Always come across at least one at a Con!

 Damn!  That Captain Hook's a player!

 Shouldn't these two be fighting?

 SS3 Gotenks!  Well, if Boo could beat him/them, I'm sure this guy can too!

And finally, a Dalek that was simply abandoned outside the Convention Center on the last day of the Con.  Had to promise my pal Karen Gownley that if I come across another abandoned one this year, I'll send it to her!

And finally, Been Better Comic creator Jimmy Purcell and I are fixing to put on a web comics meet up tomorrow at 6pm (That's July 24th for those who refuse to look at calendars!).  Given that I wrote this weeks ago, not all the details are finalized, BUT, Jimmy, being the smart dude that he is, put up a handy dandy Facebook page so that we CAN have some info about a time and location for all to come and meet us when the time comes!  In case that highlighted "Facebook" in the last sentence wasn't a good enough clue, click here for the latest info!  We hope to see y'all there!

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'll be back next time with a full recap of Comic Con 2014!  There's a lot to do folks, even if you don't have badges!  So come out and enjoy the free gems at the Hilton Park, Gaslamp Quarter and the Nintendo Lounge!  It's gonna be a blast!  Take care, have a safe and fun Comic Con and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Welcome back!  It's Guest Week here and I got a very special piece from my very good friend Jason Platt, the creator of Mister And Me!  So flex some muscle and check it out...

For those of you who haven't checked out Mister And Me before, you are really missing out!  It's a very sweet tale about a boy and his dad and the fun times they have together.  It also features very whimsical art very reminiscent of Charles Schultz and Bill Watterson.  Jason's no stranger to the CRAZYVERSE, having taken part in the first two CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENTS and over the years has become a very good pal thanks to Twitter.  Jason knew I was a big wrestling fan and decided to work me and one of my prized masks into the toon!  And this is the spitting image of me too!  Well, except for all the well-defined muscles!  But hey, some artistic liberties have to be taken!  Thanks again Jason!  You rock dude!

And now, for some more Comic Con pics!  This time, 2011 gets the spotlight, so enjoy!

 Mushroom Gals!  Have I mentioned before how that bridge over Harbor's a Godsend?

 Burt and Ernie Cosplay!  It was rumored during Con that Justin Timberlake and his agent were the ones under the hoods.  It was revealed to be true the following week!

 Super Girl and the Green Ranger!  I'm sure the helmet hiding the face would reveal a very excited man underneath!

 She made them VERY angry!

 Luckily, she didn't step on any churches in his town!

 Planet Express ALWAYS delivers the goods!

 The Akatsuki better watch out!  The Avengers don't screw around!

 Cartoon Lidia and Beetlejuice!  A nice switch up!
 A flock of Finns in the Gaslamp!

 I hate Smurfs so much, I rigged my truck with a cannon to blow this giant one away!

Well, that's all this week!  Be back next time with a special Comic Con Splash Page and some more pics from comic con!  Until then, take it easy and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


We're getting closer to Comic Con!  And as in year's past, I'm presented another guide to avoiding some of the Con's more unsavory characters!  So with no further delay, enjoy this year's...

 A silly as it all seems, I've come across ALL these types at any given Comic Con I've been to in the last decade.  Hell, I should make a bingo book out of them!  Was happy to include more guest stars in this batch!  The first panel is Stephen McGee's Raindogs, followed by Chelsea And Millie by Tom Szewc and Maxwell Vex.   James Anderson's Ellie On Panet X pops up in panel three while Vince Dorse's Untold Tales Of Bigfoot brings up the fourth!  Jonathan Petley's Space Doxie moves into panel five and then we close it out with John Bintz's Dawn's Dictionary Drama!

Well, it's Comic Con month, so let's check out some more pics from Con's Past!  This time, it's 2010!  Enjoy...

 Thank God they finally finished that bridge over Harbor Drive!  That was a Hell of a walk from the 12th and Imperial Trolley stop!

 Gonna go ahead and admit it, I have no idea who this dude's supposed to be!

 If she's Robin in Batman Vs. Superman, I'll watch it!

 LINK!!! Gender-bending Link at that!  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a dude dress as Link before!

 And here we have a cow.  Yeah.

 Bebop and Luigi!  Now THAT'D make a game!

 Princess Peach is keeping some interesting company these days.

 Wonder what Vegas show she came from?


And I thought Ash had a cool appendage!

Well folks, that's all for this week.  I'll be back next time with an awesome Guest Piece from Mister And Me's Jason Platt!  We'll also have some more Comic Con fun in store, so come on back!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Welcome to July!  BBQ's, fireworks and the oh so wonderful event known as COMIC CON!!!  Yup, we're a few weeks away from the greatest event of the year for us cartoonists and what better way to celebrate than with a NEW comic and some pics from Comic Con's past!  So let's kick this into high gear with a NEW Mike And Mindy...

 That's some spaghetti!  The cook put a little bit of EVERYTHING in it!  Eh, ain't the first time Mike's put his foot in his mouth!

And now for a trip back to 2012, for what was one of my best year's EVER at Comic Con!  Cosplay's always a favorite part of the show for me, so enjoy the variety!

 Despite coming from different shows, Marcelline and Skips are able to form a deep bond.

 Gender-bending Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy.  Ernest Borgnine had just passed away the previous week, so there was lots of Mermaidman cosplay at the show that year.
 When you've saved the planet as many times as Goku has with a spirit bomb, I guess it's kinda hard to get excited about making another one!

 Drugs and Comic Cons are a bad mix folks!

 Whatever you do, don't let these three raise children!

 What a cute couple!

 This girl had a lot of us on the floor with her dead-on impression!  She was hilarious!

 It's usually a good thing when Galactus shows up... Right?

 The lengths people will go to get swag!  These guys were just trying to get pics of the Power Rangers cast that were signing in the Gaslamp Quarter.

 Jenkies!  There really is no place like home!



 Not even Jolly St. Nick is immune to the Zombie Apocalypse!

Ladies and gentlemen, the most random -AND AWESOME- cosplay ever: Axl and Slash!

Well folks, that's all for this week.  I'll be back next time with a star-studded New Mushrooms comic that continues to celebrate the people that make Comic Con such a unique experience.  Also got plenty more Comic Con fun planned this month, so stay 'Tooned!"  Until then, take care, have a happy and safe Fourth of July and I'll catch y'all next time!