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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


WOO HOO!!! COMIC CON IS HERE!!!  AWESOME!!!  I'll be all over the place this week, so the best way to get in touch really is through Twitter, although with that many people using smart phones in one place, don't expect too many updates.  (Last year, I couldn't get any kind of reception!)

But we're here for pics, so lets catch up with a return to last year's Comic Con!  2013, here we come...
 Chillin' with my bro Muscle Man!  The Regular Show Experience kicked ass!  In fact, almost everything in the Gaslamp Quarter that didn't require Con admission was better than the stuff on the inside of the exhibit hall!

 The 4th Doctor!  I swear you couldn't walk two steps without bumping into a Dr.Who!

 Masters of Marvel!

 Mr. Creepy!  Well, not really, but I can't remember who the dude said he was! (And no, he's NOT Death from Bill And Ted!)

This dude was bangerang!  (Yeah, I'm that old now!)

 Silent Bob!  Always come across at least one at a Con!

 Damn!  That Captain Hook's a player!

 Shouldn't these two be fighting?

 SS3 Gotenks!  Well, if Boo could beat him/them, I'm sure this guy can too!

And finally, a Dalek that was simply abandoned outside the Convention Center on the last day of the Con.  Had to promise my pal Karen Gownley that if I come across another abandoned one this year, I'll send it to her!

And finally, Been Better Comic creator Jimmy Purcell and I are fixing to put on a web comics meet up tomorrow at 6pm (That's July 24th for those who refuse to look at calendars!).  Given that I wrote this weeks ago, not all the details are finalized, BUT, Jimmy, being the smart dude that he is, put up a handy dandy Facebook page so that we CAN have some info about a time and location for all to come and meet us when the time comes!  In case that highlighted "Facebook" in the last sentence wasn't a good enough clue, click here for the latest info!  We hope to see y'all there!

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'll be back next time with a full recap of Comic Con 2014!  There's a lot to do folks, even if you don't have badges!  So come out and enjoy the free gems at the Hilton Park, Gaslamp Quarter and the Nintendo Lounge!  It's gonna be a blast!  Take care, have a safe and fun Comic Con and I'll catch y'all later!