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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well, folks, we are now just one week away from Comic Con 2010. It is shaping up to be an awesome show, with a lot of great panels and guests. I'm particularly looking forward to the Danny Elfman panel. The former Oingo Boingo frontman is celebrating his 25th anniversary as a film composer, so they're giving him a panel to discuss his many great musical scores (the score to Beetlejuice is my all-time favorite). Anyway, above and below are the official announcements for the Aftercon Art Show. Mere words aren't enough to describe how cool this thing is going to be. I'll be there to discuss my pieces, do sketches, and just plain party! So come on down to the Aftercon at 655 10th Avenue. You'll be glad you did!

Since I won't be able to post next week due to the convention, I thought I'd give everybody a quick look back at Comic Con's past. These pics come from the 2008 show, a great event that I'll always remember for a hysterical moment that occurred at the Watchmen panel. During the question and answer panel, a dude dressed up as Batman was the second person to ask a question, and when he popped up on the all the screens, everybody in Hall H busted out laughing! It took a few minutes before he was actually able to ask his question. Video of this moment does exist if you type in "watchmen panel batman" on youtube. Sadly, the Watchmen movie was nowhere near as entertaining as the panel.

Anyway, enjoy the photos!
The outside of the San Diego Convention Center.

Castle Grey Skull! An Awesome monument.

The SciFi Chanel booth. Sadly, they weren't there last year, and the booth actually broke on the last day.


The really cool slime wall of the Ghostbusters booth. My brother Dante helped build this thing. I helped set up the video in Room 6CDEF in 2008.


Teela and Evil Lynn. Only at Comic Con!

Who ya gonna call?

Shrek and Fiona. Cute couple, no?

Talk about dedication, these guys did every incarnation of Dr. Who!

"Come with me if you want to live!" (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

60's Batman. It may have been goofy as hell, but man was it funny!

One of my childhood icons; Mystery Science Theater 3000's Joel Hogdson.

The original super hero, J.C.

It was a great show, up until Cobra showed up!

Evil Cheerleaders. I'd date one!

Cobra, again. From the looks of it, Destro may have been enjoying the M&M's, chips and sodas at the hospitality suite a little too much.

Ricardo Medina, Ecto Mugshot.

One last look at the exhibit hall. It's always real sad to leave this thing.

I thought I'd end today's post with a quick recap of the play Avenue Q. Despite being a stagehand, I've never been much of a fan of plays. However, I loved Avenue Q. It was funny, poignant and brutally honest. And the songs were outrageously funny, with "It Sucks to be Me" and "What Can I do with a BA in English" being the real highlights. So long as your 18, I'd say go see it if it comes to your town!

Well, that's about it for this post. I'll be back in couple of weeks with a full recap of Comic Con and the Aftercon. In the meantime, I'll catch y'all at the Con! Take care everybody!

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