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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


All righty then! We are just two weeks away from Comic Con! To celebrate, I thought I'd share some pics from last year's show. I had a great time, despite the overcrowding, and the invasion of the Twilight douche bags. Still, it was awesome experience and this year is gonna be even better!

The sails pavilion/autograph area. Prepare to be overcharged.

Bumblebee shows that he's down with Dx.

Ricardo Medina (Ghetto Gamers, The Flunky-Max Sterling Show), wants a closer look at the Bat Pod.

Tron Dude wanted to know why he couldn't get into the Disney 3D panel.

Because an army of teenage girls camped out overnight for the Twilight Panel, overtaking all of Hall H. Take comfort Tron Dude. I missed the Avatar panel because of these A-Holes! And I helped build Hall H!

Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heavy Metal), the classiest man in comics.

Ricardo Medina lets Channel 6 news reporter April O'Neil know just how he feels about Twilight.

Ghostbusters and hot chicks. Only at Comic Con!

This is how most G.I. JOE fanboys felt after seeing the movie.


Comic Con was off the hook last year! Everything was going fine, until the Akatsuki showed up trippin'.

Keno the Pizza delivery boy himself, Ernie Reyes, Jr.! And no, I didn't ask him if they were doing a Surf Ninjas special edition.

Flunky ducks away while Max Sterling takes the shot head on. Let that be lesson: Stormtroopers hate Trekkies!

Leonard Nimoy, charging $80 for autographs! I don't care who you are, nobody's signiture is worth that much!

Everybody was there. Even Westley Snipes got bailed out of jail long enough to check things out.

As did Zeus (Tiny Lister,Jr.)! He was looking for Hulk Hogan, hoping to get back at the Hulkster for No Holds Barred.

Count Dooku at Starbucks. He likes lattes!


The giant 3D screen in Hall H. This thing sucked when we were putting it up. Somebody forgot to take an air conditioning duct into account, so we couldn't get it up all the way. Luckily, my buddy Dan Silva asked the wizard for a brain and solved the problem for everybody.

Robert Downey, Jr at the Iron Man 2 panel
Action figure drama.

Marty and Doc Brown. The camera actually worked still.

MAD's fastest artist, Sergio Aragones!

One last look at the massive exhibit hall.

Well, that's all for now. Later!

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