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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Yep, Dr. Roxxo loves him some blog comics!

Anyway, I'm a bit late updating this week. Sorry about that. I've been really busy lately with work and some other things that needed my attention. Still, I'm back now with some new comics as well as all the pieces that I did for the Aftercon. I would have liked to have posted some of the pictures from the Aftercon, but my computer ain't being too cooperative right now. Perhaps next week I'll be able to finally get around to covering this great event. In the meantime, enjoy the cartoons and I'll catch y'all next week. Later!

Although I love this piece, I have to admit, it's not my best coloring job. Lesson to all would-be cartoonists: never do your coloring if it's late and you have poor vision.

This piece is actually quite special. As some of you may remember, my cousin Ivan passed away a couple of months ago. Not long afterward, my niece Camilla, being the great kid that she is, put together a book for our Tia Corina (Ivan's mom) that collected memories from all the relatives about Ivan. He loved comics and cartoons, and loved Comic Con, more than me even. So I felt the best way to pay tribute was in the comic form. Each panel describes a different memory that actually happened, the funniest of which occurred when Ivan convinced me that it'd be a good idea to throw a paint can off the roof of my clubhouse. Needless to say, evidence of this incident still exists on the side of my Tia Lilia's house! Ivan was a real rascal and I still miss him. Party on dude!

This was just the postcard I passed around at Comic Con this year, as well as the Wizard World Anaheim show. It's because of this card that I got into the Aftercon.

This is a piece I did for Phil Yeh as a thank you for inviting me to participate in the Aftercon. Amazingly enough, he remembered me when I gave it to him, even though it had been three months and my hair was about seven inches shorter! Phil's a great guy and his Winged Tiger comics are must reads for anybody who wants to be a cartoonist or writer.

This was one of my Aftercon pieces. Sadly, it wasn't shown for one reason or another. So now, I present it to you, the fans of the stuff in hopes that maybe somebody will appreciate it.

This was a piece that I had submitted for the Comic Con Souvenir Book. Sadly it didn't get in. I had a feeling it wouldn't so sent it into the Aftercon as well. Luckily, Matt Lorentz and Mark Richmond aren't as picky.

My "Peanuts/D.C." piece. This was the one I was most proud of. A lot of people seemed to like it, but alas, it never sold. Oh well.

We have come to the end. This was the piece that actually sold. Granted, it was to my Uncle Victor, but he wasn't the first bidder! It looks like I might actually have some fans out there!

Take care folks!

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