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Friday, February 14, 2020


Woohoo!  We are halfway into this massive anniversary party!  And what better way to close out Week 2 than with a little bit of magic, am I right?  Especially since today's Valentines Day!  Magic AND romance?  Who could get that here so swiftly?!?  Luckily, Galactic Dragons creator Dana Atnip had a card up her sleeve and delivered just that!  So take your potions and charms and sit back, because we are a go!  Enjoy...

Uh oh!  Those spells are gonna leave a lasting impact!  I thought wizard duels were just meant to disarm opponents?  Mindy being a Hufflepuff isn't too surprising, and not just because she's about to be puffed.  But Mike as a Slytherin?  His blind bravery definitely makes him Gryffindor material if you ask me!  Then again, Gryffindors probably don't inflate their girlfriends using magic, just mean distant aunts!  Hopefully someday we'll see the results of their duel!  Dana Atnip is one of the best artists in comics today.  Her comic, Galactic Dragons, the story of a ragtag group of dragons on a rescue mission IN space, is a fabulous tale of action, comedy and even a small dash of romance!  Her style, which comes across as a mixture of Chuck Jones and Walt Kelly, is stuff of dreams.  I can look at her art all day!  She's also a very dear friend and sweet person.  Every year she does a guest comic for Bubble Fox and now has Mike and Mindy to her credit too!  Thanks again Dana for rendering my cartoon kids in your adorable, whimsical style!

And that's a wrap on Week 2.  We'll be back in couple of days to kick off Week 3 by tying up loose ends!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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