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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


WOOHOO!!!  Today's the last of the guest comics for the CRAZYVERSARY!!!  Wait a minute, that's actually really sad now that I think about it!  But hey, if it has to end, it may as well be on a high note, and we got THE superstar of web comics here today putting his own little "Twist" on things!

Mark Stokes is no stranger to anyone even remotely familiar with web comics.  His series, Zombie Boy, is a true benchmark of our branch of the cartooning world and one of the greatest comic strips ever done!  I could go on for hours, but there's still a comic to see!  Enjoy...

Twister, a game that is both funny AND dangerous!  Mike and Mindy always get a little too competitive when it comes to games.  Their marathon sessions of Connect Four once lead to a building collapsing while their game of Mousetrap brought a hazmat crew out to Mindy's house to clean up!  I won't even tell you the kind of havoc they wreak while playing Battleship!  Today though, they play another childhood classic, and as you can clearly see above, a LOT can go wrong!  Looks like some axel grease and forceps are gonna be needed here to untangle these tykes!  I could go on for hours on how much I respect Mark Stokes, and I actually have!  He was one of the first pros to befriend me when I was a young cartoonist scared of my own shadow and just dipping my feet into the often treacherous social media waters.  Mark welcomed me in and helped me become more confident in my abilities.  I'm honored to call him a friend and even more honored that he once again rendered my "kids" in his amazing style.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that Zombie Boy is the greatest web comic of all time.  Thanks again Mark!  Give my regards to ZB, Gorr, Boog and the Zombie Bugs and Pups!

And that's a wrap on the guest comics folks. BUT, there is still ONE comic left in the CRAZYVERSARY!  Mike and Mindy aren't quite done yet, and wanted to make one last appearance before heading back to their vacation home in Bermuda.  They promised to make their last exit a colorful one, so come back Friday and see if they'll make good on that!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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