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Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's time for Christmas!  So today, I present a very special post for everybody, an early Christmas present of sorts to celebrate the World NOT ending!  Mike and Mindy decided to visit some pals this holiday season, and, well, it all took a turn towards the WEIRD...

Dawn Griffin is the brilliant creator of the outrageous and hilarious web comic, Zorphbert and Fred.  For those of you unfamiliar with this great strip, it's the tale of two aliens disguised as dogs sent to Earth to study humanity!  Dawn has become a very good friend and even asked me to do a Guest Strip for her this past Summer, which you can check out here!  

Recently, Dawn did a whole slew of strips paying homage to A Christmas Story, one of which being this CRAZYVERSE-exclusive crossover comic that has Z&F regular, The Weird Kid, hanging out with the "Silent Twosome," Mike and Mindy!  I must say, the Weird Kid's mom must be pretty darn desperate if she has to hire THEM to be his friends!  From Weird Kid getting Mike's name wrong to Mindy being a bit smitten by her new pal (It's the hair! Mindy likes dudes with spikes!), this arrangement seemed doomed from the start!  But cheer up Weird One.  At least you got some Ovaltine to ease your sorrows!  And besides, Mike and Mindy might not be the best company.  They get jealous VERY easily!

I absolutely love Dawn's interpretation of Mike and Mindy.  They look so darn cute in that strip!  And her writing is simply genius.  Her comics remind me so much of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes. Dawn's artistic style is also very unique.  I really can't compare it to anybody else's.  She truly is in a class of her own.  When I got this comic, I couldn't stop smiling! (My face is still sore!)  I feel so honored to have Dawn as a friend and fan.  Thanks again bud!  Zorphie, Fred, their "Owners" and the Weird Kid are always welcome to come over and "Play" with Mike and Mindy! 

Well, that's it.  I'll be back next time to announce the MVP's of all three of the CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENTS!  It's the last post of 2012, so maybe I'll toss in a few extra surprises as well!  In the meantime, PLEASE take some time and give to a charity while you still can.  Christmas is just a couple of days away.  There's still time!  Make the Holidays special for those who need it.  Y'all take care and have a safe, fun, healthy and, of course, a very Merry Christmas!  

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  1. Thanks for the christmas tweet! Much appriciated!
    And I must say the comic Dawn made us here is great. I like how the interpret Mike and Mindy in her own style, and the story is quite fun. Seems you guys have quite a history of doing guest strips to each other. So I look forward to more of that, since they're fun! ;) Thanks for clearifying who and why Mindy is liking. Was wondering a bit, but then I spotted your explanation. The humor can certainly keep up with Calvin and Hobbes.

    Hope you enjoyed christmas! Looking forward to who turns out to be the MVP's of this CCE and more comics from you!