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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Welcome to Part 2 of the CRAZY CHRISTMAS EXPERIMENT!  We got some more great entries in to put the final touches on this holiday CRAZINESS!  So sit back, strap on your snow boots and get ready to enjoy the show!  Frosty's here and ready to get this party started!

First up, Flatland creator Naomi Jardine, who did this strip showing the danger of falling asleep during a snow storm!  Gotta wonder if the Original Frosty was inspired by a similar event?

 Making his CCE debut is Casey At The Bat creator Bob Glasscock, who envisions Frosty being used as a tool to help pick up some ladies!  I can see how keeping the drinks chilled would be a benefit, but seriously, a puppy works far better!

 Next, Austin's Inferno creator Austin Verburg is back for his Third go around in the CCE!  Austin took his inspiration from the recent Man Of Steel poster, the Superman revamp that'll no doubt be WAY more violent than it needs to be because Zack Snyder's directing it!  Even so, the thought of Frosty being arrested is quite believable. Let's face it, If he really existed, he probably WOULD get locked up for being a grown (Snow)Man that plays with children!

 Daddy's Girls Cartoonist and Three-Time CCE Superstar Shawn Granger is back with yet another gem!  With a dog involved, you gotta wonder if the dreaded "Yellow Snow" will eventually come into play here?  I give Shawn a ton of credit. I initially wasn't going to do a Holiday-themed CCE, but he talked me into it, and I'm glad he did!  Honestly now, look at all the fun we've had with this!  Thanks again Shawn!  You are the Guardian Angel of the CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT!

 Next up, a CCE newcomer! Carlo Jose San Juan of Callous Comics sends us this piece showing that Frosty coming to life would no doubt be a mixed bag of emotions as everybody seems to have a different take on it!  I like how the adults are in black and white and the kids are in color.  It's like the kids have enough innocence left to still suspend disbelief.

 Frank Haba of Jailhouse Comics is back with a literally wicked take on how Frosty came to life!  After all, if robotics and magic can't bring Frosty to life, than Witchcraft's your last option!  So all hail Cthulhu Frosty!

 Making his return to the CCE is Power Theater's Alex Callard!  Here, he take a theoretical approach as to whether or not that happy, jolly soul really exists.  Perhaps there WAS some magic in that Old Silk Hat!  For a better look, click the link above.

 Next up, me good chum Simon McLaren offers up this all-too real piece showing how Frosty deals not only with the effects of Global Warming, but a society that just plain doesn't give a damn anymore! I swear I spent ten minutes laughing at the "Skateboarding Cats" panel!  Guess I shouldn't have been surprised from the Man who's totally killed it in the last two CCE's!  Too funny!

 Hannes Smit of jolly old England (And The Wizzo) sent in this bit showing a couple of hopeful tykes that are still willing to believe!  Who knows?  Perhaps a Christmas miracle is in store!

 Next up, my little "Brother" from across the pond, Wizzo Founder Harry Rickard, sent in this heart-warmer showing Frosty as a sad soul who just wants to have some fun and getting his wish granted by a kind Fairy.  Hmmm... This sounds awfully familiar.  memo to Frosty: Steer clear of ANY anthropomorphic Foxes and Cats.  They may steer you the wrong way!
Next up, English cartoonist and CCE newcomer Nathan Viney of the Web Comic Tomothy and Pals gives us this VERY realistic version of Frosty the Snowman!  Apparently, Frosty wondered into Arizona or something!  Somebody better get a mop!

And last but not least, Life... After Death creator Carlo Ostrout rounds out the Experiment with this take that shows Frosty being far more aggressive than we've know him to be!  Perhaps THIS Frosty was made in New York!

Well folks, that does it for this round of the CCE!  We had a lot of great submissions and a lot of variation!  We also had some international flair as many friends from England, Canada, even Puerto Rico stopped by to have some fun here!  Only cartooning can bring folks together in such a manner!  I'm quite proud of the effort and hope that everybody enjoys reading these as much as we all enjoyed creating them!  

With that said, be sure to tweet me or leave comments as to WHO you'd like to see be named MVP of the CRAZY CHRISTMAS EXPERIMENT!  We'll have the results next week, along with the MVP's of the first two CCE's!  Your voice matters, so let it be heard!

Alright folks, that's all for now!  I got a very SPECIAL post coming on Sunday, so stay "'Tooned!"  In the meantime, take care and PLEASE take some time and donate to the needy this Holiday season.  There's still time to do so and every bit helps, even if it's just a dollar in a Salvation Army bucket.  Make a difference this Christmas.  Until next time, I'll catch y'all later!  


  1. So many great comics! Glad you did this one. On the whole, I think this might be the best experiment yet. The comics just keep getting better and better.

  2. So it continues. Well then, lets have a look at this one:

    Naomi's comic made me smile despite the seriousness it also have in it. The character that emerge out of Frosty reminds me also a bit on Ed from CartonNetwork's series Ed,Edd and Eddie. Another reason it is fun to me.

    Bob's is not bad either. Through Frosty's design irritates me here, since he is supposed to be male but feels very female here to me. The guy reminds me on Fred from Scooby Doo (wonder if its just me having a stereo type in my head or possible wanted?). In any case a fun approach to the topic.

    Austin's is certainly making sense. I don't know the "Man of Steel" poster, but I see it as him beeing arrested cause he is a curiosity. You know people, it's out of the norm, we need to arrest it "for its own protection".

    Thanks to Shawn for talking you, Jon, into this. But with the comic I have a bit of a difficulty why the dog would bite snow. I can come up with ideas, but it still stays a bit irritating to me.

    Carlo did good in portraying what would be the most likely reaction humans would give. Kids are the curious and fearless ones, sometimes a good thing, sometimes its deadly. And yea, the older generation ususally make the error to respond with fear, instead of just beeing cautious. Like how it fits that picture.

    Frank's comic is certainly a unique but good approach to how to get a pile of snow to life. Just wonder if Cthulhu likes it cold ? Anyway, yea, good job man!

    Alex's comic has one big downer for me, the low resolution. Makes it hard to read the text. The content pictures a typical reaction when we get older^^. It's not bad, since everyone should be able to relate to it.

    Simons really does a very real theme here. But how he came on skating cats ?? *laughts*

    Hannes made us a classic. ;)

    As for Harry's comic I stay with what I said on Twitter already: "For a rushed one its quite good drawn and colorized. Story is a bit weak but still, good job." Nothing to add here except it is promising to me. Looking forward to more!

    Nathan follows Simons approach. But certainly makes it a bit meaner, but I like it better cause of the irony. Beeing a snowman in a place with lots of sun and warmth... :p

    Carlo's comic has a piece of reality and it's harshness in it. I can see it happen in Chicago, with Frosty beeing part in a mafia clan.

    Good work everybody! Had my good share of fun and laughing.