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Wednesday, January 24, 2024


Welcome back CRAZIES!!!  Only a week left to go in this first month of 2024!  I'm pretty excited about what's coming up, but we still gotta finish up what's left, and with two posts to go, I see no reason to waste any time, so let's see what the cat, or in this case, CATS, dragged in!  Enjoy...


Oh my!  Don't those wild cats know that if you inflate a ghost, it'll fart out harmful styrofoam packing peanuts?!?  Think of the environmental impact!!!  This effort was a piece of fan art for two of my favorite creators, Chesca and J. Hause, the masterminds behind the hilarious Litterbox Comics and Grisley Comic!  Irreverent, dark, outrageous and always silly, their work is both inspiring and uplifting and I just couldn't help putting this CRAZY family of cats in a CRAZY situation mashing up both of their hilarious comics!  It's easy to assume that ghosts can't inflate, but I'd imagine it'd be closer to parachute rules more that balloon rules.  Air can be trapped, but not fully contained.  These are the kind of things that animators and cartoonists have to comprehend while coming up with gags for our stories!

Well, only one post left to go in our annual January Blow Up!  How will it end?  Royally!  Don't believe me?  Come back next week and see for yourself!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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