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Wednesday, June 21, 2023



Wow!  We are deep into June now CRAZIES!  And we are also now less than a month away from the grand daddy of them all!  No, not Starcade you dolt!  Comic Con!  So let's not dilly dally here, there's pictures to look at!  Get some comfy walking shoes on and grab some trail mix because we're heading back to San Diego and the summer of 2015!  The CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN continues!  Enjoy...

Huckster's in the house brother!

Never knew the Colonel was into that!

The famed Warner Bros Booth!  Sporting two iconic designs over the years, they skipped last year's show to focus on the then-pending merger with Discovery Communications.  Considering all the controversy they've stirred up since, I wouldn't put much hope into them coming back this year! 

Here's a rare look at the Petco Park Interactive Zone being set up!  That tall structure just right of the Hilton Bayfront was the Scream Queens Drop Tower!  Only just a week before, it thrilled thousands at the San Diego County Fair.  It stayed behind to thrill a few thousand more at SDCC before heading up to Orange County for their fair!

One of the best cosplays I've ever seen!  I love it when people go the obscure route, and the Brave Little Toaster may be lesser known then Song Of The South at this point as far as Disney animation is concerned.  And they used to show this one on the Disney Channel a LOT back in the day!

60's Batman is fun Batman!

Another visit to the legendary Xbox Lounge!  Did I mention how badass this place was?  The lighting, the atmosphere, the games, the activations...  Good God Microsoft!  Please bring this one back!

Depending on the year, the Petco Park Interactive Zone will sometimes have a stage set up, often for celebrity appearances or local band performances.  In 2015, a local radio station held an impromptu cosplay contest that gave all the participants weekend passes to Comic Con!  Talk about a swell door prize?

After years of hosting a booth at SDCC, Adult Swim decided to take things a step further and open up their own free offsite!  While a badge isn't required to get in, you do have to be older than 18 to enter.  It's Adult Swim after all!

Signs, signs, everywhere signs!  By the time this posts, some of them will already be going up!

My favorite part of Comic Con?  All the new and interesting friends I always make!

FX upped their game a bit in their second year on the Hilton Lawn!  Some great activations, though some of the wait times just weren't worth it!

When his father isn't available, Thor seeks wisdom from another wise master.

We'll end this week with a reminder that it never hurts to check out some of the hotels during SDCC, regardless of whether you're staying at one of them!  In addition to more than a few of them hosting offsites over the years, the many hotel bars offer special drinks and rates for the con, like this one at the Marriott next door to the Convention Center!

And that was Comic Con 2015!  A fun show that saw me solidify my spot as Hasbro's lighting and monitor guy for the next five years!  I also got stung by a bee that snuck into my swag bag, the little bastard!  They can't be 100% perfect I suppose, but this one came close!

Well, only one more post to go this month, but the fun of Comic Con will continue to roll through to July as we end June on a high note, so be sure to come back next week and check it out!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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