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Wednesday, June 14, 2023



We are back CRAZIES!!!  One week in and plenty of past Comic Con fun is still to be had!  But we'll get to that in just a moment.  Just had to drop this quick reminder about another cool con I got some stuff going on at...

HeroesCon in Charlotte is THIS weekend folks!  And with it comes the Team Cul De Sac Art Auction and Drink 'N' Draw put on by Chris Sparks!  I got TWO pieces in this year's auction which I hope will raise some serious coin to help fight Parkinson's Disease.  Below are the CRAZY art options available should you be attending and interested:

Behold!  Mighty Alice!  Ink, marker and oil pastels on vellum paper, 9x12in.

BUBBLE FOX!!!  FOOOOOSH!!! Ink, marker, colored pencils and oil pastels on vellum paper,  9x12in.

Parkinson's is no joke folks.  It just plain happens and can literally hit anyone.  We lost a great cartoonist because of it.  Great strides have been made and with more research, they can continue to happen until a cure is finally found!  So don't wait! Send in your art today, as TODAY is literally deadline for it, and be sure to head over to the Westin on Friday and bid on these pieces, among many others!  Seriously, these took a week to do!  With a little hard work, we can help give Parkinson's a final boot to the ass for good!  For more info, click the link near the top or the one here

And now, on with the show!  Week 2 of the CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN commences with a trip back to 2014, July to be precise.  Y'all know the drill by this point.  Crack open some Code Red Mountain Dews and Flaming Hot Cheetos, because here come the pics!  Enjoy...

RU-FI-OOOOOOOOOO!!!  How come nobody ever cosplays the other Lost Boys from Hook?  It's not like Rufio was the only one visually distinct from the others?

Last week we saw my nephew hamming it up for the camera, so it only seems fair that I post a pic of his sister, Kristen, hamming it up as well!  At least I think she is.  Hard to tell with the giant helmet!  This was at the Xbox Lounge by the way.

The problem with Bedrock traffic?  LOTS of car accidents!  Yabba dabba D'OGH!!!

Lotta cool cars in Downtown during SDCC! Some of the old buildings are really haunted too, so the timing here is perfect! 

The Harbor Drive pedestrian bridge.  A true godsend during SDCC and a great spot for photo ops!

The fabled Xbox Lounge!  The cartoony looking thing in the back was for some thing that aired on Hulu WAY back when!  People lined up to record stuff inside of it, me included, but I have no idea what happened to it.  They never emailed me the files!

The Weta Booth!  The Hobbit movies could've been better, I'll admit, but they definitely didn't drop the ball with Smaug!

Who'd have thought that just four years later, Hasbro would own the Power Rangers?  There's nothing legally stopping them from doing a Power Rangers/Pony crossover ya know?

Pacman is in the house!  Keep those cherries away from him though!

2014 was a record year for Quailman sightings.  Curious that Nickelodeon's never tried to capitalize on this.  They run all their other old properties into the ground.  Why not this one? 

Can't talk about Comic Con without a stop at the Petco Park Interactive Zone!  This year, the Sin City sequel had its own impressive activation!  Too bad the movie wasn't quite as up to par.  There are some things that just only work once.

Remember when you couldn't go to any con anywhere without being swarmed by zombie cosplayers that took the zombie bit a little TOO seriously?  Yeah, those were the days... 

The Joker's looking for the joker that splashed his makeup job!

And finally for this week, we wrap up with the Pixels arcade, a really crappy movie that had a really cool activation at least.  Although it was an offsite, it wasn't open to all, only badge holders.  Still, considering that it was built in a very tiny hallway between the lobby and Starbucks in the Hard Rock Hotel, they pulled off a pretty cool setup!

And that was COMIC CON 2014!  An interesting year in terms of stuff going on in my professional life, it was still a pretty fun show that also saw FX take over the offsite on the Hilton Lawn across the street from Hall H.  So much was going on at the time it really is just a huge blur at this point, though it was the last time I got into Hall H for a panel!  Saw the Warner Bros pale and man was it fun!  But that's a tale for another day...

Another week down in the CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN, but don't fret!  Even more fun is coming next week!  And if you're in Charlotte this weekend, don't forget to head to HeroesCon and bid on some original art for a good cause!  Until next time, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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