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Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Welcome back CRAZIES!!!  After a one-week break, the art has returned and in a very big way!  As we all know, inflation is a rising problem in America and many nations around the globe as finances remain stressed.  In the cartoon world though, inflation is an endless source of hilarity and amusement and has become one of the hallmarks of CRAZY!  So starting today and for the rest of this month, we'll be highlighting the lighter side of inflation with a series of larger than life pieces I've done in recent months that'll hopefully let some of the air out of this high pressure situation!  I think you will all find it a very enlightening experience!  Enjoy...

The Big Bad Wolf...  A serial huffer and puffer who didn't take into account that Little Red Riding Hood kept a bike pump in her basket for Grandma!  He certainly got his fill this time!  Might have to start calling him the BLIMP Bad Wolf from now on!  Today's art came from a Twitter collective known as Animaloonies.  Founded by my dear friends Nora, Poppy and Valentina, each month, they pick an animal and put it out there for artists around the world to draw comically inflated!  It's a very fun collective to take part in and obviously a natural for me given the often surreal nature of my artwork.  And contrary to popular believe, I had NOTHING to do with it's creation!  It is all just a wonderful coincidence!

That's all for this week folks, but be sure to come back seven days from now when we blow something else up real good!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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