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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Welcome to February my CRAZIES!!!  One month down and so far, so good!  Well, except for the global turmoil.  And the one NFL owner making a horrible mistake.  And me being sick for most of January.  But hey!  It's a new month, so it's time to make a fresh start!

This month marks my 7th Anniversary here on Blogger, or as I've been calling, the CRAZYVERSARY!!!  In the past, it usually meant a whole month of Mike & Mindy guest comics, but they're long gone now and I usually try to move forward with things (Although I'm always happy to receive M&M fan art and guest comics, HINT HINT!).  But then I remembered something.  A comic starring the terror tykes that no one has ever seen before, save for my good pal Harry over in England.  I present to you all...  THE LOST MIKE & MINDY COMIC!!!  Enjoy...

A few years back, my pal Harry Rickard over in England attempted to launch his own humor magazine called The Wizzo.  Harry loved British humor mags like The Beano and The Dandy, which also happened to be among the oldest publications in the world at the time.  The Dandy had sadly just gone under, ending a true era of humor comics.  Where one door closed, another opened as Harry quickly realized that any humor magazine that started up at that point would instantly be the Number 2 title in the UK, certainly not a bad spot to have in the market.  Harry had asked me if I'd be interested in sending old M&M and certain Mushrooms strips for publishing which I happily agreed.  Sadly, Harry was a high school student at the time dealing with all the pressures that come with that.  As time went on, he and his partners moved on to college and other interests while I moved on to Bubble Fox, Peppertown and focusing more on film projects and more physical art like masks and armor.

So The Wizzo never happened, but I was still happy to be associated with it, brief as it was.  When the ball started rolling, Harry had asked if I could do a special two-page M&M comic to commemorate their debut.  His only other request with the comic was for Mike and Mindy to, as he put it, "Blow (him) up like a giant balloon!"  It's the request I always get when doing guest comics and fan art, and Mike and Mindy are always happy to oblige!  This was a fun comic to do and Harry loved it!  When he alerted me a few weeks back that he was pulling the plug on The Wizzo, he asked if I'd post this comic on the blog, so that everyone could have one last run with M&M.  I can't let my English little brother down, so here they are, one last time, in all of their full-color inflated glory!  I give you Mike and Mindy and their Harry Balloon!  Thanks Harry for giving me a reason to share my kids again.  They were really getting restless at the Retired Cartoon Characters Home!

And that's all for this week!  We'll back next time with some new art that's sure to make you lovesick... Or sick of love!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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