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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Ho ho ho my CRAZIES!!!  With Thanksgiving (Sadly) over, we can now properly get into the holiday spirit that most department stores have had displays up for since August!  That's right, I'm talking about Christmas!  I got so many things to do this month, I can hardly contain myself!  I love the festivities of the Holiday Season.  From food to movies and even ugly sweaters, I try to take it all in while I can!  And what better way to start Season's Greetings than with some holiday art?  Enjoy...

This is why it's important to be very clear while requesting props for your Christmas pageant.  Mixed communications can really get messy.  This theme came from the Daily Doodle a while back.  They picked random holiday staples throughout the month and one day settled on "Three French Hens," hence the reason it's out of sequence.  And me being me, I had to play around with which three objects actually show up!  This one was a lot of fun to come up with.  I really love how the kids' expression came out.  Maybe someday I'll do a book of Christmas art.  Could be fun!

And that's all she wrote for November!  Only one month to go in 2016, so let's end it with the best of holiday cheer!  Next week the Christmas CRAZINESS continues with more new art!  I would also like to remind you dear friends to think of others this holiday season.  There are many who won't get to have a tree or a nice meal this month, so if you have some change to spare, drop it in the Salvation Army bucket.  Donate a toy to a toy drive or food to a local food bank.  Spread the love and share the wealth this holiday!  As always, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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