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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


And now, we come to another ending, this time for Mushrooms.  But where one strip ends, a new one begins, and now we get to know are new pals a little bit better!  So lets get on our party gear and head on over to CRAZY HQ for the shindig to end all shindigs…

Yup.  Peppertown is gonna be a pretty wild toon!  Did y'all expect anything different from me?  Honestly now!  That cake was tasty.  Took forever to comb it out of Bubble's fur though.  And even the Dancing Asparagus popped in for a bit!  And yes, that IS Mike and Mindy yelling surprise with the others!  Yeah, I know it's a copout since they don't actually have individual voices, but now you can all say you've seen them talk!

I've always felt guilty about Mushrooms.  The truth is, this series was what I sent in to the syndicates and MAD Magazine, but alas was always rejected.  I had so many ideas for it though that I didn't just want to shelve it and I felt two monthly comics was better than one, so along came Mushrooms.  With few reoccurring characters and no real point, it always seemed to be left out of the CRAZY canon.  I think some of my best comics were Mushrooms toons and hope down the line fans will come to appreciate it.  Not that no one did.  Mushrooms had it's fans, but amid the see of wackiness with Mike And Mindy and Bubble Fox, it often got lost in the shuffle.  I'm proud of where this series went and glad I did it.  Taught me much and proved I could handle dialogue-heavy strips too.

Well folks, that's all for now.  Next week, Rich Clabaugh from the awesome Graveyard Gang comic works his magic for Guest Week!  So come on down and enjoy a new look for Mike And Mindy!  Until then, take care and remember to donate this Holiday Season.  Help your fellow man.

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