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Wednesday, March 27, 2024



IT'S HERE!!!  WONDERCON 2024 IS HERE!!!  THERE'S SO MUCH TIME AND SO LITTLE TO DO!!!  Wait a tic...  I gotta calm down, I'm getting all my words crossed!  But I just can't help it!  One of my favorite weeks of the year has arrived and I'm so excited that I just can't hide it!  I think the best thing to do is to simply go straight into this week's post, featuring even MORE pics for maximum enjoyment!

The year is 2022, the world is starting to finally rebound from a deadly pandemic and WonderCon is returning after a two-year hiatus.  Close that bag of Doritos and un-wedgie those Spiderman underoos because the CRAZY WonderCon Countdown is set to launch!  Enjoy...

The Nazgul beckons...

Guinan is one of Star Trek's coolest characters, and I'm glad she's getting cosplayed more often!

You never know who's gonna show up in the fountain courtyard for a photo op!

The road goes ever on...  Through the exhibit hall!

Not the most attended WonderCon of all time, but the world was still coming out of some dark times.  It made for easier travel through the exhibit hall and lead to some exclusives being more readily available than they normally would be.

Casey Jones left his Jose Canseco bat at home, but was still ready to fight if need be!

Ed was back and happily got the party started!

Jedi Santa used the force to raid the cookie shelves at Disneyland's bakeries that weekend!

This damn dirty ape put his hands on no one

Although plenty of big vendors go there, WonderCon has never truly done any big immersive booths like their sister show in San Diego does, but in 2022, Funko changed all of that.  Their set up was massive and attracted quite the crowd.  It was impressive to say the least and set the stage for an even BIGGER booth at Comic Con later that summer!

The Disney subsidiaries have come to play!


How good are these cosplayers?  My friend Amanda is the one in the middle, and I didn't even recognize her at first!  She truly is amazing!

Joel, you do a good cleaning up the place, not get over to Space Mountain!  We have some rockets that need cleaning!

Into the Spiderverse!

BARF!!!  No need to tarp up your Mercedes!


Very creative use of an inflatable here!

We'll cap things off this week with my old pal Austin Verburg, cosplaying as "Master Chef!"  He's really gotten into the cosplay scene and it's always fun to spot him out on the floor.  He's like a foot and a half taller than everybody too, so spotting him's not too hard!

And that was WonderCon 2022!  It was so great to return after several long years away.  I really missed walking the halls and seeing all the costumes.  The world's come a long way since then and I hope the rebound continues.  I need comic cons in my life!

And so it has come, WonderCon 2024 is here!  For those going, be sure to be kind and courteous to your fellow attendees.  While nowhere near as packed as Comic Con in San Diego, things can get frustrating at times.  It's always best to walk away from trouble rather than engage it.  Also remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring cash!  Cell/WiFi reception is garbage at the Anaheim Convention Center, so credit cards don't always go through.  Also, most vendors prefer cash because, well, it's simpler.  Most of all, just have fun and be sure to give Artists' Alley a look!  LOTS of hidden gems there waiting to be found.  I'll try my best to post updates on Twitter and BlueSky, but with the aforementioned spotty cell service, I'm kinda at the mercy of nature.  Regardless, I will be back next week with more past memories, so be sure to come back and check it out!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all at WonderCon!

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