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Wednesday, August 2, 2023


Welcome to August CRAZIES!!!  We are starting a new month by finishing up a CRAZY tradition here with the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown!  It's always a sad deal for me to write up the last Comic Con post of the year, but it's something that must be done.  After all, we gotta complete the circle!  So, for the last time in 2023, un-wedgie those Spiderman Underoos and cap up your Code Red Mountain Dews, because we are heading to COMIC CON 2023!!!  Enjoy...

COBRA COMMANDER WANTS YOU... To buy some stuff!  Seriously, he gave me a token for the Super7 Store WAAAAAAAY out on 8th and G St in Downtown San Diego, about six blocks up and three blocks across from the Convention Center!  I did get some exclusive swag though!

The Sandland booth!  I honestly never thought this one would make it to the US, especially after Dr. Slump oddly enough didn't catch on with American audiences.  Given the more action-oriented story, not to mention an incredible swag push at the booth, I see this one being popular!  Also, I built the LED wall for the booth!  Just about had a heart attack when I saw the signal fail Thursday morning since we tested EVERY single LED panel before placing it!  Modern tech, eh?

The Paramount+ Lodge!  Or, forbidden fruit as I called it.  If you weren't lucky enough to get reservations for this one, you were kinda assed out as the standby line was usually over three hours long and out in the blazing sun.  I did do their scavenger hunt thing though and got a really cool backpack, pin and tumbler!

BORK BORK BORK!!!  Swedish Chef was in the house and looking to cook!

The Petco Park Interactive Zone was back and somewhat close to its older, larger self!  Not exactly worth it for repeat visits, but what they did have was pretty cool, like these photo ops with life-size Transformers!

After an admittedly sweet prank last year, the Adult Swim Carnival was back and as hilarious as ever!  Despite a multitude of activations and events inside, the real highlight was still the large mechanical hot dog that continuously launched people off of it while bystanders pelted them with foam balls!

Funkoville was back and even bigger than last year, meaning an even smaller Artists' Alley.  However, attendees packed Artists' Alley like never before and quite a few of the artists reported record sales!  A big win for the underdogs!

Quite possibly the most coveted offsite at SDCC this year was the Hulu Animayhem Experience!  They had some awesome swag at the end and a few really cool photo ops, but that's all it really was: Photo ops.  I couldn't figure out why the hell it was taking so long to get through it?  My nephew Lucas and I spent three hours waiting to get into this thing and for what?  Pictures with inflatables and cardboard cutouts?  Always weigh the risks and rewards when it comes to Comic Con offsites.  

On the plus side, being in the Hulu line DID lead to some great random cosplay pics, like Sideshow Bob and his OTHER arch nemesis: RAKES!!!

Tintin had little trouble finding adventures in the Exhibit Hall!

FLUFFY WAS IN THE HOUSE!!!  Despite the SAG strike, celebrities COULD appear at SDCC.  They just couldn't promote any current projects.  Luckily, Gabriel Iglesias was just promoting toys!

"A lot of people say 'What's that?'"
"IT'S PAT!!!"
Probably couldn't do this skit today, but Pat was legitimately one of SNL's funniest routines.  The strip poker sketch in particular was hysterical!

ZARDOZ SPEAKS TO YOU!!!  Gonna go ahead and say it, this is probably the most obscure movie Cosplay I've ever seen!  Somewhere in Heaven, I'm sure Sean Connery is smiling.

Every year the pedicabs of Downtown get a sponsor and this year didn't disappoint as Disney of all companies put out themed "Doom" buggies for the upcoming Haunted Mansion movie!  Some riders (Like my nephew Lucas and me) were even lucky enough to pick up a hitchhiking ghost as they rode through the Gaslamp Quarter!  For those in the know, this was quite a surprise as Disney and SDCC have had a very longstanding feud with each other.  Glad to see that relations seem to be repairing.

Master Lopan was looking for a woman with eyes of green!

FX was back with their awesome activation over at the Hilton Lawn!  With no reservations required and lines that hardly ever went longer than 30 minutes, this was a very well-run show!  And the Shogun performances were amazing!

Can't have SDCC without Snoopy, and the Peanuts Museum across the street from the Convention Center delivered!  Camp Snoopy was the theme this year and the small space had plenty of fun photo ops for all to enjoy, not to mention a watering station!

I've seen plenty of Addams Family Cosplays over the years, but this was the first time any of them ever included Debbie and I loved it!  They had lost track of their Uncle Fester, but I just chalked it up to Debbie finally being successful!

D'OH!!!  Stupid Sexy Flanders!  Gotta ruin my last pic of the post by photobombing Ace Ventura!

And that was Comic Con 2023!  Going into it, many folks were worried about the impact that the WGA and SAG strikes would have on the show, and indeed, MANY panels were cancelled as actors and writers couldn't promote any current or future projects as a result.  But you know what?  You wouldn't have known that walking out on the exhibit hall floor as it was more crowded than ever!  People were giving comics and art an actual look this time with many in Artists' Alley either reporting record sales or higher than average sales.  So in that regard, I'll call it a win.  On the other hand though, the lack of aisle carpeting took a heavy toll on many attendees and security was at its absolute worst, and I've been going to SDCC for over 20 years now, so imagine the territory THAT covers!  Still, the good far outweighed the bad this year as exclusives were more readily available and attendees even seemed friendlier.  There's a lot to build on here and I feel we are in a good spot for next year!

And that's a wrap on the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown 2023!  I do hope you all enjoyed the look back at Cons past!  It's always a thrill to go back through these pics and reminisce about the good old days!  With any luck, we'll be back next year around February or March to start counting down the return to WonderCon!  Sadly, no Long Beach Comic Con this year.  I'm just getting back to work after a long layoff from a knee injury and had an unexpected car expense last month that just makes it too tough to swing it this year.  Not to mention, that show's just gone downhill since the move to Labor Day Weekend.  Maybe next year, things will work out better for all.  Be sure to come back next week as the CRAZY art returns!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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