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Wednesday, May 31, 2023


We have reached the end... Of May!  What?  I do this every month CRAZIES.  It's a staple of this blog!  But it is true, today is the last day of May 2023 and I am actually pretty excited!  Next week, the San Diego County Fair returns with a pretty good musical lineup and all the food and exhibits I've come to love over the decades.  But more than that, Summer is officially here and with it, something super cool!  But more on that later!  I won't waste any more time, so let's swing on into some fun, sound good?  Enjoy...

Talk about monkey business?  What kind of shenanigans were going on to make this little primate so forgetful?  Perhaps he had too many banana daiquiris?  Today's entry switches gears and comes from Pinch Punch Post and was a lot of fun to do.  Oddly enough, I probably actually did have time to work on this one but opted to focus more on action than substance.  Background and foreground elements can add a lot to a piece for sure, but if they aren't totally necessary, ditch 'em!  That's an old Jack Kirby trick kiddos.  And the King knew best!

And that's a wrap and May 2023.  I know, it's kinda sad, but you know what'll turn that frown upside down?  COMIC CON!!!  That's right!  We are officially in that season again and starting next Wednesday, the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown returns!  Over two months of SDCC awesome that I'm always so excited to share with you wonderful CRAZIES!!!  So be sure to come back and help me kick thongs off right!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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