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Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Well, we're just about at the end of the first month of 2023!  Time flies when we're having fun, eh?  At least I hope y'all are having fun.  Awards Season is in full swing here, so everybody should have their Oscars pool going by now!  I'm actually really behind on my movies at the moment.  I saw a few last year, but none truly blew me away.  None of them were bad, but none truly stood out either.  Sometimes the best you can hope for is to break even.  Better than feeling deflated!  Speaking of which, today's stars aren't feeling the least bit deflated.  In fact, you might even say they are swelling with pride!  Well, swelling with something at least!  Don't believe me?  Scroll down and see for yourself!  Enjoy...


The Balloonus Flower.  You just can't afford to be fooled by its beauty!  Doom and Bogs certainly learned THAT the hard way!  One touch or sniff, and you're turned into a balloon!  The affects are, thankfully, only temporary, but you'll be swollen and floating until all that gas passes from end to end!  This art was done as a thank you to my good friend, Joshua Hauke.  Josh is certainly no stranger here, being one of my closest friends in comics.  We both broke in together and even started tabling at cons around the same time!  It was always a really cool coincidence that our tables would always be either right next to each other or in the same aisle, and with a mutual love of all things stupid and goofy, it didn't take long for us to become friends.  To this day, we still bounce ideas off of each other and make a yearly pilgrimage to the Super 7 store during Comic Con.  His latest book, Doom's Day Camp, the tale of a normal boy named Doom who's charged with corralling a group of mutant kids in a post apocalyptic world, is a huge hit and I actually had some input on it!  Josh was kind enough to send me an advanced copy, which included his own take on inflated Doom in it.  Well, I had to show my appreciation, which leads to this explosive piece!  Josh loved it and even agreed to add the Balloonus Flower to the next Doom book (I'm holding ya to that one bro!)!

And so ends the chapter on January 2023.  I sure hope you all enjoyed the buoyant art this month and look forward to starting 2024 off on an inflated foot as well!  We'll be back next week to get February off to a good start too, so be sure to come back and see!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later! 

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