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Wednesday, September 7, 2022


Welcome back CRAZIES!!!  September is here!  Yeah, I know, Summer vacation is over, though I haven't been a student in 13 years and most schools are year-round now anyway, still, that sentiment will always exist come Labor Day Weekend.  But not all is lost, for the Spooking Season is officially here!  Yup, Halloween is on the horizon and stores are already pumping so much pumpkin spice into their products that people are gonna be farting cinnamon and nutmeg until December!  But we'll be covering that all in good time.  You're here for some art!  At least I hope you are.  Frankly, I'm surprised spammers even bother posting comments sometimes around here, but that's neither here nor there.  I got some art to share so scroll down and take a look if you will!  Enjoy...

Well, that was certainly one way to get his watch working again!  You just can't trust a March Hare.  They're far too easily influenced by Mad Hatters!  Continuing from last month's theme of fairy tale creatures, I figured for September, I'd finish off this round of Animal Alphabets, which was creatures of myth and fantasy.  Alice In Wonderland certainly has its fair share of critters in it, both real and fantastical, and it all started with the White Rabbit catching Alice's attention.  This was a fun piece to do and actually had what Bob Ross would call a happy little accident happen to it.  You see, I draw these on vellum paper, a good thick stock that works well for both dry and wet media.  Certain marker colors though do tend to really bleed through, long after they've dried even, yellows and oranges being the biggest offenders here.  In most cases, I'd just erase the overshoots in Photoshop.  This time however, the spreading yellow left a really cool glowing effect on the White Rabbit, so I decided to just leave it in!  Happy accidents indeed!

And that's that for this first full week of September!  Be sure to come come next week for more fairytale goofiness courtesy of your pals at the CRAZYVERSE!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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